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It was 1:00 am in Gotham city, no lights, no sound, it was supposed to be a normal heist. a man is seen standing there in a red helmet and a trench coat this was no ordinary man though, it was red hood." ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE ARE AND I MEAN ARE NOT HERE TO HURT YOU, HOWEVER IF YOU ATTEMPT ANY FORM OF ESCAPE YOU WILL BE BLOWN TO BITS!" a gun was pointed at the cashier by a masked man in a black leather jacket and a stone red hood "now look here madam im just here for the cash. Meanwhile across the street a man in red and back spandex body suit exited the gotham donut shop, he seems to be arguing amongst himself "WHO THE HELL GOES TO A DONUT SHOP AT 1:20 IN THE MORNING" says voice 1. voice 2 interrups " hey deadpool whats that going on at the bank", deadpool moon walks over to the window glass of the bank. "OOOOO LOOKS LIKE WE WERE'NT INVITED TO A PARTY THAT MAKES ME SAD, ON THE OTHER HAND IF I DO CATCH THIS GUY I MIGHT GET SOME VERY GOOD MONNNEYYY ! YOU KNOW ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY BABY, WE'D THROW OUR OWN PARTY WITH CHIPS AN....". voice 2 interupts "deadpool your starting to babble again". "YOUR RIGHT VOICE IN MY HEAD, ITS DECAPITATIOOOON TIME, HEY VIEWERS WATCH THIS". deadpool breaks in the bank and cuts the head off of the nearest goon. " OH WOLVIE I WISH YOU WERE HERE TOO SEE THIS" he swiftly drop kicks the armed thug in front of him, the stabs the goon directly behind him and slices the legs of the jumping goon to the right of him " OH HOW I LOVE DISEMBERMENT", red hood jumps off the nearby counter "who the fuck are you". deadpool charmingly says "well in case you have not heard my names wade, im kind of a big deal you kow broke out of shield", red hood intervenes ". " what shield, i see no shield" deadpool starts to angrily whine, "NOT A SHIELD, S.H.I.E.L.D, STRATIGIC HOMELAND....". red hood fires a shot into his head "just shut up already,ha that was easy. as he starts to walk away deadpool runs at him under his breath h manages to get out "what th..." then deadpool stabs him through the leg " DON'T MESS WITH SELF REGENERATING CRAZY ASS GUYS WITH KATANAS" red hood pushes him away and throws a poison bat dart at him while saying "you like" deapool begins acting like hes melting, "OH NO POISON MY ONE WEAKNESS I'M MELTINNNNGGGG" then throws a ninja star at red hood, "all though i do like your sense of humor, you're really starting to piss me off", deadpool pulls ouut both swords and runs at red hood, who proceeds to take his helpet off and place it were he stands and says "alright deadpool its picture time". Deadpool responds "OH GOODY I LOVE PICTURES, HOLD ON LET ME GET READY", deadpool goes into flamingo doll stance by red hood's helmet "OKAY READY" red hood says "3..2..1 ah screw it it was nice knowin you deadpool". red hood runs out of the building and detonates his helmet and the building blows up. "that was close he says to himself while limping through an ally, suddenly a sharp pain enters his chest and a half costumed deapool is behind him red hood manages to get out "who...who are you. then deadpool decapitates him "IM MOTHERFUCKIN DEADPOOL, AND THAT VEIWERS IS HOW I, DEADPOOL SAVED THE DAY FROM THE EVIL TYRANT KNOWN AS LORD RED HOOD, GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY" deadpool's voice interupts "deadpool its morning" deadpools famous theme song starts playing


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