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Romance is one of the most popular anime genres. Anime is well known for being able to express and mimic real life romance through characters. Besides, there's always a cute boy or a beautiful girl that captures our hearts while watching. They may be not be real,but hey, it's not wrong to dream, right? Here is my list of the top 10 romance anime that stand out .

10. Fruits Basket

Now this anime is quite old fashioned, but don't be fooled. It's extremely popular in the romance genre. The story is about Tohru Honda, a girl who finds out about the secret of a family. They are all possessed by a spirit of the Zodiac. The anime is about how she and the other characters interact and she learns about their backgrounds.

This anime is not exactly romance, it's a lot more about family and friendship, but there is some romantic development in there if you look properly. Unfortunately, the anime is only continued in the manga. But if you want a brighter atmosphere, the anime is definitely better. Made up of 25 episodes.

9. Ao Haru Ride/ Blue Spring Ride

This anime was extremely famous in 2014 and was received well. The story is about a girl, Futaba Yoshioka, who used to be the most popular and the prettiest girl in middle school. Due to her beauty and feminity, she was asked out a lot thus gaining more admirers but making more enemies in the case of the girls in the school. There was only one boy who was kind to her and liked her, but the only difference was that she genuinely liked him back. He moves away after a while without letting her know. Now, in high school, she lowers her feminity and eats a lot to look more disgusting. The same boy comes back and she is forced to deal with all the feelings that come flooding back after years. The story focuses on her trying not to fall in love with him and him, personality changed completely, constantly hinting but not hinting that he likes her too. (You get what I mean. Boys, am I right?)

There are rivals along the way. But sadly no second season coming up. So I suggest reading the manga. But the anime is a good start off. The main characters in this anime never actually got in a relationship, but still managed to have crazy interesting moments that make you root for them. (Don't worry, good stuff happens in the manga.) 13 episodes.

8. Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun/My Little Monster

This anime is a little like number 10, with the two main characters never getting in a relationship in the anime, but starting one later on in the manga. The story is about Shizuku, a study bug who is always top of the class. The boy sitting next to her, Haru, has been absent for a while and she is asked to take something to the place where he lives. She soon bumps into him and talks to him about coming back to school and offers to be his friend. He then falls in love with her. She resists but later on falls for him too. They then have to deal with challenges and love rivals along the way.

The anime has a solid plot with good animation. And a lot of comedy as well. You'll grow to love it. There are 13 episodes for this. ( Not a waste of your time.)

7. Toradora!

This is quite a unique anime because the two main characters aren't even in love with each other at first. The story is about Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu, two high school students who like each other's best friends. They then decide to help each other out with their separate crushes. This is quite slow, but it can be extremely adorable and it really pays off in the end. The comedy is good, great soundtrack, and will keep you on your feet and make you start questioning your own love life. There are 25 episodes altogether. (My favourite is the last one.)

6. Nisekoi

This anime is a harem. A harem is an anime where the main guy/girl has a lot of girls/guys to choose from. Nisekoi is about a boy named Raku Ichinose who made a promise to a girl to marry her when they're older. 10 years later, he still hasn't found her but is crushing on a classmate called Onodera. A girl named Chitoge transfers in from the U.S. and they soon become rivals. Then, a problem due to their families arises and they're both forced to fake a relationship. From then on, the series is about their development and of course the other girls that come along the way. There's a season two coming up in April. A very colorful anime, with beautiful animation and each of the girls getting their own separate romantic moments with the male lead. (I personally want Raku to end up with Chitoge. She's the blonde one.) 25 episodes so far. That you'll definitely enjoy.

6. Sukitte Ii Na Yo/Say I Love You

Now this. This is one of the best romance anime I have ever watched. It's filled with cuteness and it's soooo adorable. Your heart will melt watching this. Mei Tachibana,a girl who never had friends, let alone a boyfriend for 16 years, soon piques the interest of the most popular boy in school when she kicks him down a staircase. (Yes, kicks him down a staircase.)This anime is different from the rest because the two characters start a relationship really early. You won't be disappointed as its filled with romantic moments and kiss scenes that will make you fangirl so hard you'll pass out. Sounds like the perfect romance anime, right? Well there's a reason it's number 6.

I enjoyed this anime, but while watching it I could always sense like a dark aura in it. I found this quite depressing, but other than that, it was great. Definitely recommended! Go check it out. 13 episodes. Manga still running.

5. Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji/ Wolf Girl and Black Prince

The guy looks like your typical hot, nice boy right? Not. Erika Shinohara is constantly lying to make herself look cool in front of other people. One day her friends ask to see a picture of her boyfriend, whom she has also lied about. So she takes a picture of a cute boy and shows it to them. She then discovers that the same boy is going to her school and is one of the most popular students. He agrees to fake being her boyfriend but in return, asks her to act like his dog. (Yes, he's a sadist. But he's a hot sadist.) She soon develops true feelings for him, and well, to find out more watch the series.

This anime was great, the only flaws were that the male lead can be a jerk at times and make you want to rip his throat out . A must watch if you like screaming. And fangirling. 12 episodes that will take you on a ride.

4. Kimi Ni Todoke

Yes, this couple is as cute as it looks. This beautiful anime is one of the best romance I have ever seen. Sawako Kuronuma, a girl who people keep away from because of her similarity to the ghost in the movie "The Ring", doesn't have any friends and keeps to herself. (She's actually super cute though.) Shouta Kazehaya, a super popular boy in school soon starts to take notice of her and the little things she does. The story is about Sawako's journey and how she starts making more friends, all while falling in love with Shouta. And him feeling the same way. The flaws are that the anime is a bit slow but you'll get used to it. And the last episode is so worth it.

These two are recognized as one of the most adorable couples in anime and personally, one of my favorites. (Sawako is my homegirl.) Anyway there are 25 episodes that you will enjoy from start to finish.

3. Itazura Na Kiss

This anime though. The art style is a bit old fashioned, but this is a great romance anime. You will never find another like this one. The story is about Kotoko Aihara, a girl who is in the lowest class in her grade. She's in love with Naoki Irie, the smartest boy in her grade. Giving him a confession letter one day, she's rejected completely by him saying he doesn't like dumb girls. Hurt, she claims that she's going to get over him. That same day, the house her father just bought collapses due to an earthquake. She then moves into her fathers friends house, discovering that Naoki is living there too. From there, we watch her struggles living with the boy she's in love with and him slowly but gradually falling in love too.

I loved this anime because it really proves that you can win a guys heart if you want to, doesn't matter if you're not particularly smart or gorgeous. Kotoko is proof of that. She is a great embodiment for women. Flaws? The male lead is a jerk and quite insensitive sometimes. Other than that, this anime is PERFECT. Those 25 episodes will make you feel every emotion possible from start till finish.

2. Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso/ Your Lie In April

THIS anime. (Crouches in a corner and cries for a while.) This anime, will make your feels go BOOM. Literally, your emotions will explode. Kousei Arima, a ex piano prodigy who now can't hear the sound of his own playing, (watch to find out more about that), meets a girl named Kaori who literally changes his world and brings music back into his life again. If you like classical music and romance, this has both mashed up together and what it produces is absolutely amazing. Stunning visuals and beautiful animation that will take your breath away, and emotional moments we can all relate to that will make you cry like a baby, (I know I did), this anime is the picture of what a romance anime should be. Flaws, two characters in there are confusing about their feelings, I'm just really curious about who they like! *Cough Kaori and Watari Cough* 20 over episodes and still running, this anime will drive you and your feels crazy. ( In a good way.) Items needed: a tissue box. Or maybe two.

1. Kamisama Hajimemashita

I know this is a weird selection. But I'm a weird person. (Besides, Tomoe is HOT.) This one actually has some flaws. It can be slow especially when it comes to the characters realizing their feelings for each other, but other than that, it's freaking adorable. Nanami, a girl rendered homeless,(watch for details), is kissed on the forehead by a stranger whom she saves and his deity powers are passed on to her. He then tells her she is now an Earth deity in his place and tells her to go to a shrine. She goes there and finds a fox yokai/ spirit called Tomoe who was the familiar of the former Earth God. (The man who kissed Nanami.) He then gets into a quarrel with Nanami and leaves, claiming the shrine will be fine without him. Nanami then finds out a way to make Tomoe her familiar is to sign a contract with him by kissing him on the lips. She rules it out totally at first, but later does so when she gets into trouble and he becomes her familiar.

Slowly she falls in love with him after that despite the fact he's like a few 1000 years older than her and their love is forbidden as she can die but he can live forever. Tomoe rejects her at first, but later on realizes that he is in love with her too. They're not together yet, but soon. (Hopefully.) The series has had two seasons now. The first had 13 episodes and the second is running still. Great character development and a couple you will fall in love with. Trust me, they're adorbs! Also, everything is perfectly balanced. Great comedy, romance, even action too. Super lovable characters too. (Plus Tomoe is hot and Nanami is adorable. Yet another homegirl.)

And so, that was my list of Top 10 Romance Anime. Just a reminder that these were my personal preferences and recommendations, not other fans. Feel free to tell me your favourite romance anime in the comments. I'm open to everyone's opinions on my list too. Hope you liked it and see you next time!


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