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I'm not a writer. I write because if I were to speak no one would listen. And everything seems more eloquent in the written word. I'm wired

Todd Falco is dead. The only bookeeper in the Thorn family to ever talk to Gotham PD and they find him face down in his own fountain perforated like a tea bag. Word on the street is they hired a mercenary from outside Gothem and I want him! Its quickly made obvious that he not hiding having left a trail of bodys all over the Narrows. I'm half way there when I quickly throw the BatMobile into park as I feel 2ed and Madison go to gravel beneath my tires. "He is here!" I open the canopy to a whole different City. There's ash in the air, overturned cars, my city burns. The innocent run and hide, even from me. A city in the grip of fear. I jump out and check on the fallen as the taste of ash fills my mouth. I radio for emergency vehicles as gunshots point out my direction. And as I approach my destination I find that someone had beat me here. My nightmares are realized as I find Robin lying on his back. I check Timm's pulse the same way I checked Jason's once before so long ago. Hes still alive. Doing a bad job at trying to breathe his own blood. He's hurt bad and because this is an emergency I signaled the Justice League Watchtower for a pick up. His whole body energizes with light then he was gone and I was left with my anger. I rose from where Timm's body once laid as my symbol filled the night sky above. I was on a quest to return what this monster had taken from my city and to make a pact. If Timm Drake were to die tonight he wouldn't be alone for long. Then there he was upon a rooftop.... Wearing a red and black military grade stealth suit and humming the Looney Tunes theme song with more guns to arm a small country. "Monster," the words come out with a Batarang that knocks one of his oversized guns outta his hand and off the roof. "Stella!!!" The bug eyed mercenary yelled turning his whole attention over the side. Then murmured something that sounded like, "she was so young." Then I come down putting my whole 210 pounds behind the blow then he wasn't there. I landed. Hard. Then realize that he has now appeared on his back on the street below catching his weapon and sending a volley of bullets in my direction screaming, "That's right Bat Bitch, Deadpool's gotta gun!" Having no time to regain my balance I crouch down using my cape to shield from the assault. The armor piercing rounds begins to shred into my Kevlar weave till I'm hit. The first tears into my leg the second embeds itself into my rib. I throw myself sideways as a shock of pain runs over me. Half a second later he's on me with two swords in his hand and a mouth that won't quit. "That was for Batman forever!" Kicking me hard in the jaw. "That's for George Clooney," he says pulling a hand grenade and pulling the pin. "Youll kill us both you fool!" I cry out throwing another Batarang. He catches it with all the grace of the demon head himself but drops the grenade way to close to both of us. "Oh darn!" He says as I go over the side landing hard on a fire escape as the whole roof lights up. Droping debris down upon me. I take a breath stapling my leg shut then try to stand when he comes off the roof missing a foot completely on fire. "Yippee Kai yay motherf.....!!!" His guns completely decimated he comes down swords frist. I roll left hard. His sword slices my arm the other weakend by the blast brakes on the fire escape. I smell myself cooking as we both go over and fall two floors to the ground. He loses the broken sword in the in the fall holding onto to the second. I hit hard seeing spots and feeling like I'm about to passout. I lift my head only to get kicked in the face. "C'mon where's your sense of humor?" He says. "You're not still mad about bird boy are you? There's a lesson to be learned here. Never send a boy to do a Bat's Job!" He finishes with murder in his eyes as then my senses come to me and realize that he's standing on two feet. This Deadpool guys a regenerator. He comes at me with lightning fast reflexes. And I drop a handful of mini grenades used to knock down heavy Gotham City doors. It blows him back droping the sword and stunning him for less than a second but thats all I need. Mustering every drop of strength I have left I go through his defenses in four fluent moves and brake his neck. His whole body goes limp but quickly recovers till I shove a half broken sword into spine at his chicken spot. His body continues to twitch and move but can't reach the sword to pull it out. I quickly give myself a shot of adrenaline and call in the Batmobile to mop up.

"Deadpool, welcome to Gotham!"


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