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So as many of you may know DC has many TV shows on air , including 'Arrow' on the CW, 'Flash' on the CW, 'Gotham' on Fox , 'Constantine' on NBC, and of course the upcoming 'Super girl' show on CBS.


Now many people want to know if any of these shows will crossover , well 'Flash' and 'Arrow' have already done that if you are unaware and it's highly possibly 'Super girl' can crossover or even 'Constantine' but what about 'Gotham' ? Well Bruce Wayne is currently a child , and the show is a prequel to "Batman before Batman", so assuming the show is "parallel" to 'Smallville' one would assume the end game is for Bruce to become the "Dark Knight", meaning the show would be over or would it? With the layout and theme of 'Gotham' in a weird way it would remind you of "Detective Comics" , but with all the tiny facts they get wrong (Black mask's real name, or the Riddler's job) it kind of seems like the show may have the potential to follow Christopher Nolan's Batman story.

So let's start with 'Flash' and 'Arrow' . These two shows crossover a bit and have been confirmed to be in the same universe , this would be setting up the stage for a Television Justice League, but what about other members ? Well as you know 'Super girl' is getting set up and is ready to be on TV screens everywhere. The show may crossover with 'Flash/Arrow' but that's not the point. 'Super girl' is casting for a Superman , meaning if the shows were to cross over it wouldn't be unlikely for superman to tag along (I mean c'mon we all want to see Clark and Barry race in live-action .) But now what about Batman? Well here's a question that could give you an answer . What if Batman is already in the 'Flash/Arrow' universe , but he is just hiding in the shadows(sorry for the bad pun).

'Nolan-Verse'/'Gotham' Conception

Assuming 'Gotham' is following Christopher Nolan's Batman , this means while 'Batman Begins' is happening Oliver Queen(Green Arrow) is either a rich play boy still in his big house on the hills or trapped on the island (Keep in mind this is just a way to get in a time frame.) , this would mean Batman trained with Ras al ghul in the 'League of Shadows/Assassins', during this time Malcolm Merlyn must have been on leave from the organization plotting the "Undertaking", this would explain why Bruce Wayne never met him. At some point Oliver also came back and became Arrow. The first two 'Dark Knight' movies (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.) happen back-to-back. Meaning that the Joker came into play, the Joker (we are still assuming it's the Joker) in 'Gotham' killed his mom and lied constantly which would explain him lying about everything in 'The Dark Knight' . Joker only gets captured in the movie which means he is probably sent to Arkham Asylum, and there he met Harlene Quinzelle. Harley also appears in 'Arrow' season 2 on the suicide squad which at the point Joker must be locked back up in Arkham or maybe the Doll maker (also appears in Gotham and Arrow) cut his face off. It aslo wouldn't be uncommon for Nyssa or Talia to bring their father back to life with the Lazarus pit for 'Arrow' after dying in 'Batman Begins'.

  • More Evidence

More over Flash also carries a big part of evidence, remember that newspaper?

In a sub headline it says "Wayne Tech/ Queen Inc Merger Complete" this must mean that Oliver and Bruce both get there companies back (Bruce lost his in The 'Dark knight rises' and Oliver lost his in Arrow season 3), and of course through the years Batman was Batman unless your in Gotham no one believes he is real.

And last but not least two characters that have or may have appeared in the 'Dark Knight Trilogy' and 'Arrow'.

Lau (The Dark Knight) and Frank Chen( Arrow) .
Lau (The Dark Knight) and Frank Chen( Arrow) .

Both played by actor Chin Han could be the same person? Lau owns a company in Hong Kong, Frank owns a company in Hong Kong , it wouldn't be unlikely for him to be a dirty business man (as in both aspects) with multiple aliases ,get beat up in the "Dark Knight" and meet his end in 'Arrow'.

The Dead-shot Controversy

Many people believe that Basad ('The Dark Knight Rises') is Dead-shot. Now from what we saw (if you saw it.) is a grade A sniper named Basad who was practically Bane's right hand man. Dead-shot is also a grade A sniper. Dead-shot went missing for a long period of time in 'Arrow', so where did he go? What if he joined up with Banes "League of Shadows? This would also explain the new name , because when you join the league you get a new name just like Sarah (Black Canary{'Arrow'}) , but there is one thing wrong with this theory. Basad dies in the 'Dark Knight Rises', BUT if he is Dead-shot it wouldn't be the first time we all thought he died .

and who is to say he didn't find his way into a Russian prison?

And what about the rest of the league? It wouldn't be unlikely for Green Lantern and Wonder Woman to get there own TV shows,or even appear in an already running TV show . Wonder woman did have her own show that never aired and may have been actually good, she would have been portrayed by Adrianne Palicki. Green Lantern could be Ryan Reynolds again, I mean come on lets it admit it, he has the look and is a great actor , he just got a sucky director and script.

Wonder woman's 2011 show which didn't air.

But on the note on the Justice league, this is my first article , I hope you enjoyed , so tell me what you think .


So what do you think?


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