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Batman vs. Iron Man

Batman vs. Spider-man

Superman vs. Hulk

Superman vs. Thor

And the list goes on and on.

But, those are the same old match-ups people argue about everyday. I wanna know, where is all the love for the "not so popular" match-ups? There are so many good ones, but they get overshadowed by all the "popular" match-ups! So, today, I'm going to be giving some love to the "not so popular" fights by doing an extremely interesting, awesome and controversial fight!

I would like to note: This is like my first fan fiction I've written...ever, so it's not going to be solid gold. And I'm not the best story writer in the world also (obviously)! And this is also just for FUN! It shouldn't be taken seriously at all, it's just for pure entertainment!

So, without any further a due, I introduce the epic battle of...

Nightwing vs. Daredevil

Hell's Kitchen. A place where Dick never wanted to go back to. But, it was a place that needed to be saved. And a place that housed someone he was looking for.

He stands over a bloodied corpse, collecting every piece of data and evidence he could find, hoping that it leads to the Kingpin. He scans the body of the victim. Nothing. Scans the ground around him. Nothing. Scans the walls of the dark, odored filled ally that he stands in. Nothing.

Frustration consumes Dick. He has been dying to get his hands on Kingpin, so he can prove everyone that he can go solo and doesn't need Bruce. To prove he can be one of them.

Has he sits against the wall of the ally, he notices a rose a little ways from the corpse. Dick sighs as he knows that Bruce wouldn't appreciate such a rookie mistake from him.

He jumps up and begins to scan the rose. Success. A thumb print around the stem belongs to that of Mr. Dan Filch. A well-known henchmen to Fiske.

Dick smiles and stands up breathing in the air of the Kitchen with a proud inhale. He instantly disliked the smell, but didn't care, he was just happy he is one step closer. Twirling his stick, Dick started to walk out of the horrible ally and onto the next step.

Then he stopped.

And he listened.

"It's not easy to sneak up on me," he called out.

"I'm sorry," a voice from behind said, "I just HAD to meet the world famous Robin."

Dick turned around. He saw a figure about his size and height standing a couple yards away deep in the ally. The figure also had objects that looked like horns sticking up from his head. Kind of like Bruce.

Dick chuckled, "So, you're the savior of this place, huh?"

He didn't respond.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on how well of a job you're doing", Dick said while slowly clapping and looking at the corpse behind the figure, "You're just doing a bang up job cleaning the streets."

"And you're doing a bang up job on your solo career Dick", he said while walking towards Dick into more light.

The figure was wearing a dark red suit, similar to that of Dick's, but it did have two red horns on it's head and two big D's in the middle of his chest. The figure was smiling, "It's not easy to fool me Dick. I can see right through you."

Dick was just baffled. How did this...thing or person know who he was? Does he personally know him? Why didn't Bruce tell him more about him? Is Bruce hiding something from him about this figure?

"What are you doing in my city boy?" The figure asked as he was getting closer to Dick.

Dick hesitated, "I'm here for Kingpin. He has close ties with Gotham's mafias and we believe Black Mask and him are up too something big that-"

"Kingpin is my job", he interrupted, "I don't need any amateur help."

"I've already started. And you can't stop me from finishing."

Silence consumed the ally. The figure could see Dick's heart beating fast. "I do not want to hurt a student of Bruce's, but I don't like how you're handling this like a total prick," he whispered.

Dick ignored him, "The one thing I do know about you is they call you the Man Without Fear," he said in a ruffled tone as he gripped his sticks tightly.

The figure noticed the sticks and looked at Dick, "Do you even know what they actually call me?"

He ignored his question, "Do they call you the Man," Dick paused, "Without Fear?"

The figure did a slight nod.

"You have no fear," Dick whispered as he walked slowly towards him, "But, I am fear."

Silence consumed the ally again.

After a moment the figure spoke, "Awe. How cute! You have a little catchphrase."

He snapped.

Dick lunged himself at the figure, but was immediately side-stepped. Dick breathed heavily as he lied on the ground.

"I refuse to hurt you kid," the figure said.

Dick jumped back up and punched him square in the face as hard as he could. The figure fell to the ground in shock and pain. He wiped his lips to see blood was pouring out.

"Fine then," the figure growled.

He lunged forward and was now side-stepped by Dick. The figure popped back up and began blocking all of Dick's attacks. Then the figure turned to the offense, using his fists and feet to try to bring the kid down. But, Dick blocked every blow the figure threw using his sticks and feet to ward them away. Dick then pushed the figure back, "You're the cute one for thinking you could easily take me down."

The figure then reached down to his boot and pulled out his walking stick. He then started to sprint towards Dick and flipped over him while transforming his walking stick into the Billy Club. When the figure landed he launch the club straight at Dick's chest, which Dick caught and threw aside. Dick then ran forward and kicked the figure square in the face, dazing him. He then started to unload all kinds of punches and kicks at the figure, using his sticks and beating the crap out of him, almost as if he was street brawling. Dick then grabbed the figure and sent him towards the ally wall. The figure retaliated by running up the wall and back flipping behind Dick. Dick, in absolute shock, turns around into a huge right hook that sends him against the wall, bashing his head against the wall causing major damage. The figure then slumped against the opposite wall to rest for a split second. Dick had beaten him up really bad, but the figure was still as ready as ever.

As the figure rested, Dick was still in a daze from hitting his head. But, he noticed the Billy Club right next to him. While slumped up against the wall and in serious pain, he picked it up and threw it right at the figures head.

The figure caught the club.

"Hey rookie", the figure said.

Dick stared at him with glazed eyes.

"They actually call me Daredevil."

He threw the club right at Dick's head. The club made tremendous contact with Dick's forehead and forced his head to hit the brick wall again, this time knocking him out cold.

Daredevil, with his lip gushing blood and his body aching, whispered to himself, "Don't ever, come back to my city."

And scene!

Now I know it's not the best thing to ever grace Moviepilot's website, but it was a lot of fun to do! I know it could of been longer and had more detail, but I'm sure most of you didn't want to read 4000 words, so I shortened it up! But, I still hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading!

And also, if you think Nightwing should of won, I would love to see an alternate ending down in the comments!


Should Daredevil of Won?


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