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Marvel Vs DC has to be one of the most anticipated line-ups in the history of super heroes ! Seeing my favorite heroes from both DC and Marvel square off is definitely something I’d really be excited to see hit the cinematic universe, but with the way everything is set up now, asking for something like that is just asking for way too much ! See, that's where we creators come in. We have no boundary, except for the boundaries we place on ourselves. This little odd feeling we get called creativity allows us to be able to bring what we want at the depths of our mind and soon the mercy of our finger tips, thank god for creativity ! Well, I've been confronted with a task that I'm more than happy to pursue. I'm going to pin my favorite Dc character vs my favorite Marvel character. As a child I was a huge marvel fan, I loved Spiderman I was even given the title “ Spider-boy” I even carried around this Spiderman action figure everywhere I went , it’s in most of all my children photos. But, as I grew up I sought a more realistic feel. That's when I converted to DC, and in my opinion Dc had one of the best if not greatest Peak human line up with Batman being the face of it all.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. DC has some of the most powerful characters in comic book history, but there Peak humans are just as good; that's what I like about DC they keep it well balanced, The two faces of DC is one of the most powerful being in the universe Superman with a human dressed as a bat,Batman; yet people still fight among selves on who is more superior though its very clear who’s more superior. Marvel doesn't do that, you don't have that many Peak humans as influential as the Bat-family , nor will they ever think about pinning their human character against their most powerful. But, don't get me wrong my love for Marvel and Spidey remains the same; though that may seem dangerous to say, the way things are now. Alright, now for the moment we've all been waiting for, off to introducing our combatants.


On the right corner is DC’s very own Deathstroke. Deathstroke personally is my favorite comic book character, his accomplishments and dark background is quite an interesting read. Slade Wilson A.K.A Deathstroke was once a very noble and patriotic soldier, who started serving the country at the age of 16; Slade Wilson was able to master many techniques in a very short period of time, soon he was gradually steering the eyes of the higher ups towards him , automatically having him be qualified to be apart of a certain “test” . Due to these test Slade was genetically engineered to surpass all humans of his very day and age , but with great power came grave insanity.The serum did create that super soldier they always wanted, but at the same time it marked the beginning of the World's deadliest assassin. His path only grew darker, when he lost his family as well as his right eye due to his wife shot him in the eye , for nearly getting there son killed. With the regret of that, Deathstroke slowly became the man we know today, the terminator with a lack of humanity in his soul if he had one. Driven to kill and do the dirtiest and darkest things as long as money is involved. Deathstroke is known as the common enemy for Teen Titans,Justice League, Arrow and Worlds greatest detective Batman. Here are few of Deathstrokes many accomplishments:

Deathstroke Vs Justice Leauge
Deathstroke Vs Justice Leauge
Deathstroke Defeating the Flash
Deathstroke Defeating the Flash
  • Defeated the Justice League all at once (The Flash (Wally West), Hawkman, Kyle Rayner(Green Lantern), Zatanna, The Elongated Man, Green Arrow and Black Canary)
  • Defeated Batman on several occasions in a fair fight.
  • Can use up to 90 percent of his brain.
  • Tripped the Flash. ( Yes, you read that correctly. )
  • Ripped the door off an airplane at 40,000 feet above sea level with one arm.
  • Out-smarted the Flash.
Preview of Deathstroes strength.
Preview of Deathstroes strength.

Next Combatant....

King T'Challa
King T'Challa

Now for our next combatant, the man with no fear ! T’Challa other known as the Black Panther. T'Challa is heir to the centuries-old ruling dynasty of the African kingdom Wakanda, and ritual leader of its Panther Clan. T’Challa is one of the greatest intellectuals of the marvel Universe, with technology far beyond anyone's imagination. He also runs one of the most advanced nation on earth, Wakanda, a nation one will think twice before invading due to it’s well notable history. Some have tried, most has failed, while a few have succeeded but there victory always failed to last long. T‘Challa is also a super human, but he did not have test ran on him as Deathstroke did, nor did he go insane, T’Challa consumed the Heart-Shaped Orb other known as the Heart of Wakanda, this is a Wakandan plant whose juices and phyto-nutrients grant special abilities to those of noble as well as worthy blood. After defeating his brother Hunter for the throne he was able to consume this thus granting him superhuman abilities. T’Challa is one of Marvel's greatest heroes, as well as my favorite on Marvels side of things, But, he is also one of the most underrated characters. Surely, after this breath taking battle. His greatness will be well known through the comic book universe. Here , is a few of Black Panthers many accomplishments:

Black Panther Defeating Cap
Black Panther Defeating Cap
Black Panther launching Wolverine
Black Panther launching Wolverine
  • Stopping a Elephant's charge.
  • Wrestled a Rhino breaking its neck.
  • Defeated Captain America with only a few moves.( Both Black Panthers defeated Cap T’Chaka and T’Challa )
  • Over powered and defeated Wolverine with not much effort.
  • Outsmarted geniuses such as Tony Starks.
  • Single-handedly defeated the Fantastic Four
  • Defeated Wolverine.
  • Defeated Iron Fist.

..And So it Begins !

Black Panther vs Deathstroke
Black Panther vs Deathstroke

The day began to meet it’s last hours, the darker the skies grew the more the stars began to peek through their rendered concealment. The Wakanda forest, seemed to have been in a deep sleep that very night, but the skies remained at an unkempt disturbance. There soaring in great speeds was what looked to be a black bird. An abnormally large one, with fans for a tail, mechanical wings that refused to move but more so glide ripping at the pestering winds, as well as tinted windows which acted like eyes. Within this what looked to be a bird was a man. More So, a monster to some; he might as well be a monster because there was no sign of humanity aboard. His soul nearly as tinted as the frigid windows. From head to toe, he was well fit in rather fine Armour. No type of skin was shown, except his left eye which remained there as a weapon to install fear into those who foolishly allowed there gaze to wander about meeting that very left eye. “ The Black Panther, Eh ? “ were his words before he lifted himself from the the odd comfort of his seat. Before him remained a poster of the man T’Challa himself on the wall, a dagger planted through the base of the picture.

“ I'm no stranger to a man dressed in black, so whats your story ? “ he added before turning his back to the picture. “ Ka-doosh “ the sounds erupted from the engine, the man was quickly rocked from his feet to lay waste upon his back. The, plane he was aboard the black bird began to blare a blazing red. “ ALERT ! “ the mechanical female voice stated repeatedly as the alarm roared. “ Tch, what the hell ?! “ He snapped as his body jerked back, hitting the tinted windows. The Blackbird had began to fall out of the sky, the man failing to meet a better position. He quickly, pulled from his belt, a handgun in which he shot through the windows a few times. These bullets, cascaded through the windows at a well fashion allowing him to exist. He quickly, fell through those very dark skies in which the clouds parted way allowing him to fall from those great very depths. He landed, the Blackbird, landed as well only difference he kept his shape and form . Due to his Armour as well as his healing factor, the man remained unharmed.

“ Deathstroke ! “ the voice held a grand echo, the ascent was strong African orientated his eyes met a rather large shadow before him in which outlined a rather large panther. He quickly turned his head, to see a mere man dressed in black from head to toe. “ or may I say Slade Wilson. “ T’Challa spoke with confidence , he remained standing above Slade his cape brought to reanimation due to the scouring winds like the deceased at the crack of dawn. “ Black Panther, right ? hmm you just made my job alot easier. “ Refusing to allow his enemy to reside to any comfort in his presence, Deathstroke quickly reached for his pistol firing three bullets at T’Challa. To his surprise, T’Challa remained unmoved. But, that was the least of his worry. The bullets met the Black Panthers uniform; soon they fell at his feet one by one as useless as the one before it. “ Hah ! you Americans and your toys please do not insult me with such simple projectiles, a man who pre-judges his enemy is a dead man. “ T’Challa confided before leaping from the height of the tree and onto the soles of his boots. “Hmm, I expect you will be worth every penny of that 50 million." Slade added, before pulling his Promethium sword and aiming it forward at the likes of T’Challa, who remained low like an animal who had just caught the scent of it’s prey.

"Make no mistake, I'm killing you for the money. But that won't stop me from enjoying this." Slade added, this then lead to the incoming series in which Slade Wilson lunged his leading foot forward, before lunging his body upwards, to which lead to him holding his sword up high before the Panther. He quickly sought to bring it down upon T’Challa slicing him in two , but if only it was that easy. T’Challa quickly allowed himself to bring his arms before his face crossing them in an X-format. The blade then met his gauntlet, the moment the two objects connected. Black Panthers gauntlets shot out two lethal projectiles, which connected with Slades chest forcing him to fall and roll upon his back.

T’Challa quickly shot a strike at Slades jaw in which he weaved past, allowing his body to duck catching a firm grasp upon T’Challa’s forearm. T’Challa quickly aimed to propel his foot out to kick from Slades gasp. But as always Slade was two steps ahead , he readied his Bo-Staff, which shot an energy blast connecting with T'Challa's foot instead. T’Challa was knocked back a great several feet, in which his body connected with a tree. “ Ack “ he yelled , his body remained at the mercy of the red wooded tree, Deathstroke launched a blow at his abdomen,which was followed by his Bo-staff which he forced both sides to meet each of his sides. Digging his claws into the base of the tree, the quick and agile T’Challa launched his body upwards kicking at the face of Slade knocking him backwards. T’Challa quickly kicked from that tree using his flexibility to perform a somersault in mid air, Slade avoid his landing lunging back. He replaced his Bo-Staff with his Broadsword. He swung his sword , three different directions, two swings vertically and one swing horizontally. T’Challa was able to effortlessly avoid them. Then, out of pure frustration. Slade, launched his broad sword Forward, to which T’Challa quickly evaded , but Slade quickly retracted his arm knocking T’Challa forward. T’Challa fell at the mercy of Slades knees. But, before Slade could advanced T’Challa summoned his claws which came out with a golden glow, He clawed, at Slades armor , he began to back pedal back but before long T’Challa clawed at the left side of his face. Slades whole left side of his face was now completely accessible.

“ H-how ? “ Slade muttered out of shock, this foe was like no other. “ Go ahead Slade do what I brought you here to do, run be my prey fore I am you’re predator. “ T’Challa ordered, Slade couldn't fathom what he was hearing. He wasn't one to take orders, his pride wouldn't allow it. But he knew if he remained there and acted foolishly he would surely be killed. Black Panthers gadgets outranked his, and so he ran, not away from the fight, but to prepare his next series of attacks.

T'Challa's eyes followed Slade as he evaded the fight. As , soon as Slade made his distance. T’Challa propped down on all fours, he sniffed at the tall grass that stood at alert like tall soldiers in the midst of a battle.

“ COME OUT, THE BLACK PANTHER IS READY FOR YOU ! “ He shouted charging into the forest in search of Slades scent. “ Bingo. “ He whispered finally making out his target. Slades scent ended in an open field, a strong river passed by that said open field T’Challa a bit worried due to the sudden disappearance of his enemy, the suddenly something fell from above. First thing T’Challa saw was Slades face fall from that tree, “ AHA ! GOTCHA ! “ T’Challa shouted releasing his claws once more aiming to attack Slade . But, to his surprise Slade shot out from the river, he quickly caught grasp of T’Challa’s wrist and launched T’Challa’s own claws into his very own chest. “ Gahhhh ! “ T’Challa cried suffering at the hands of himself. “ Hows that for a taste of your own damn medicine. “ Slade said, the object wielding his mask would have fell at T’Challa’s feet. “ I don’t care who you think you are, Panther ! you are nothing but a man, I’ve faced way worst then you KILLED worst then you, you are inferior to me a rodent a pestering fl- ACK ! “ Slade was cut mid sentence due to T’Challa forcing his head back, rocking Slade off his feet. T’Challa fell forward, they both began to pant heavily, it almost seemed like a duet, T’Challa turned to see Slade pulling back to his feet. T’Challa slid through grass like a venomous snake, Slade motioned closer to the man . T’Challa quickly spun launching his dagger at Slade, to which Slade swiftly evaded using its momentum to spin along with it he quickly launched the dagger back towards T’Challa impaling him through the abdomen.

T’Challa held the dagger at his abdomen gasping for breath, “ Haha look at you, now theres the man I came to kill. The weakling, the fool who thought he had a chance against the world's deadliest assassin. “ Slade said adding insult to differently as he motioned closer, T’Challa removed his mask revealing his face, blood ran down the ends of his lips. T’Challa turned , and crawled away from Slade. “ "You have skill, but lack experience." Slade added as he came in closer. “ No, you are wrong. “ T’Challa objected with what seemed to be his last breath. “ I have all the experience I desire. “ T’Challa added, suddenly it would seem Slade tripped a booby trap cause soon as he came in closer he met an arrow to his right eye, “ AGGGGH “ Slade shouted, as he moved in blind rage. Slade continued to scream, T’Challa gave him a reason too as he quickly pulled the dagger from his abdomen and charged from, the puddle of his own blood. T’Challa went completely invisible. Slade swung his sword in every direction, T’Challa ducked now blind to his only eye. T’Challa quickly launched a right hood, ducking below a swing of a sword again , he quickly spun swing the right end of his heel to connect with the man's skull. Slade, was knocked back a bit weak amongst his feet right about now, thats when T’Challa went for a final blow ! an uppercut from hell completely knocking Slade right off his feet. Slades, vision was blurry as he seen the mighty King of Wakanda walk towards him eventually standing over him. That was only a good 5 seconds before he was completely unconscious.

Drip drop Slade awoken to that repetitive sound, his eyes hung over as he remained tied against the cold marble wall within the prison he was now sentenced to perish in. T’Challa remained on the other side of the cell his gaze met his. “ You said you brought me here what did you mean ? “ Slade questioned stripped to nothing but shorts. “ Ah my friend I thought you’d never ask I paid for you to assassinate me.” Slade, gave off a quick grunt from pure frustration. “ But why ? “ Slade asked , T’Challa turned his back to the criminal. “ I am a King and a King must prove his worth to his people, he must be strong looked up to, to remain a king I had to prove to myself to have been able to hold my own, who better to help me prove that then the World's greatest assassin Deathstroke. See, Slade a man can have motives other than money.. but of course you wouldn't understand. “ T’Challa added before leaving the room, Deathstroke remained in the darkness of the room. Only to have heard, a sudden “ psssst ! “ Slade eyed down to the room looking left to right. “ Psssstt over here ! “ Slade looked again, “ Over here dummy ! “ the voice said shouted followed by a cup which connected with Slades head. Slade turned to see a certain Mercenary dressed in red, “ Hey ! Blooooooood Brooother. “ Slades face remained straight, “ oh brother. “ Slade added , “ Tell me about it. “ A certain Clown who went by the name of Joker said gently laying the head of his chin onto the palm of his hands.

And there you have it Black Panthers the winner, I love these guys so I had a great time writing about the two go in combat , but I believe its time that I break down this fight labeling my reason for the results of this fight.


  • Deathstroke was tricked into coming to Wakanda just as the fantastic 4 was so that T’Challa can test his strength.
  • Black Panther Owns the Kimyo Card which allowed him to take control of Deathstrokes plane, eventually crashing it.
  • Black Panther’s suit is made from Vibranium Microwave Mesh this material is not far off from indestructible, so when Deathstroke attempted to shoot Black Panther the bullets were proven useless to him.
  • Black Panthers gauntlets also made from Vibranium was able to withstand Slade's sword, Slades Promethium sword. Slades sword is magic based, which Vibranium can with-stand , since Captain America was able to defend against Thors hammer.
  • Slades Bo-Staff is able to shoot out plasma energy which was able to hold back T’Challa for a while.
  • But,T’Challa’s golden claws are made from golden vibranium which is able to break down the molecular level of anything it touches. So, it was easily able to effect Slades armour.
  • Slade was able to escape T’Challa he quickly removed his mask placing it on a log this is how T’Challa was able to follow his scent as Slade hid in the river.
  • Slade uses ninety -percent of his brain so he was able to come up with this plan in mere seconds, which lead to his upper hand using T’Challa as a weapon against himself.
  • Slades mind can read things so fast he was able to out best the Flash not once but twice.
  • Slade also has a slower perception time then an average human so he was able to avoid T'Challa's plasma dagger and launch it back.
  • Slade was wrong about one thing though he did not have as much experience as T’Challa ( even though he’s around 72 years old, where as T'Challa's age is around late-early thirties ) T’Challa has an ability called Black Panthers knowledge where he can gain the knowledge of every Black Panther before him dating back centuries before his time.
  • This ability gave T’Challa the upper hand once more.
  • Also, an obvious feat was that Slade was in T’Challas territory, so he knew every booby-trap.
  • These woods Slade and T’Challa had combat in were man-made , its the same place he lured the Fantastic 4 in to defeat them ( Hence why there wasn't any animals.)
  • To end it off T’Challa was able to use his invisible cloak to defeat Slade.
  • Slade weakness was his right eye , so once it was hit he was angered and once Slade is angry he doesn't think this is why the JLA was able to best him after he defeated them.

And the winner this match was the Black Panther , due to having superior technology as well as having his home be the battle field. I really love these two, and I'm excited to see how Marvel will introduce T’Challa. I was quite disappointed when they moved his movie date back, I'm also excited to see Deathstroke appear in suicide squad, which I'm crossing my fingers for hoping these rumors are true. Puting my Dc-fan boy aside, this point goes to Marvel cause Deathstroke and Black Panther in combat is a fight i'm willing to watch over and over again.

If you think I'm wrong....

Just kidding (:
Just kidding (:

Just kidding ! But, let me know your thoughts ! who do you think would have won ?! and why ?!

The Winner is ...

The Winner
The Winner

Black Panther !


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