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My life is a musical.
Kasia Gryzlo

We love the moments when fiction becomes real life. And this is one of the most marvellous instances.

Robert Downey Jr. or should I say Tony Stark, visited a 7-year-old, disabled boy to deliver him a bionic arm, strikingly similar to the one from his Iron Man suit.

The stunt is an effect of collaboration between Albert Manero, founder of Limbitless Solutions and OneNote. Manero's company specialises in building bionic limbs with cost-effective 3D technology. He donates his inventions to children around the world.

The video is a part of the Collective Project campaign a Microsoft One Note initiative. It funds talented students whose ideas can improve their communities.

It's hard to overlook the fact, that it's a neatly done marketing feat for Microsoft OneNote. After two days, the video got more than five million views on YouTube. Nonetheless, it's still lovely to see that the hundreds of million dollars that are going to advertising, can sometimes make a real difference.

And also, Alex seems really chilled with meeting Tony Stark.


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