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Hey my names Jessica Stevenson, I'm from Canada and I love Ratchet and Clank and Marve, DC
Jessica Stevenson


Real Name

Jean-Pierre (full name unrevealed)


Sorcerer, would-be conqueror

Little is known about the past of the cannibalistic sorcerer Mauvais save that he attempted to conquer Canada during the French-Indian War in the mid-1700’s, an endeavor opposed by the Inuit Gods.

Later, during the French Revolution of 1789, the gods caused Mauvais’ downfall, cursing him to an immovable existence and imprisoning him in the remote island prison Le Prison de la Morte.


Mauvais is a sorcerer who derives his power via the consumption of living flesh, growing stronger the more he eats. Mauvais can perform such mystic feats as teleportation of himself and others, moving objects via telekinesis, mentally controlling weaker minds, projection of mystic energy, illusion-casting, and even resurrecting the dead to perform his bidding.

Following his transformation into the Wendigo, Mauvais gained superhuman strength, endurance, and reflexes, as

well as a supernaturally enhanced healing process enabling him to survive virtually any injury unharmed and immunity to all forms of disease


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