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In the dark streets of Chicago, a scared squad of robbers are running away from a man who is cloaked in mystery. One of the robbers scream" It's the goddamn Moon Knight!" As they run, they are unaware of another outside force that is coming to play. The robbers run with tons of cash in their bags. They reach their van which is parked outside a bar. When they get in it, they hear a sound unlike any other. They arm their guns and prepare for war but they aren't prepared for the incoming swarm of bats that are arriving. The bats swarm in their windows and scatter all across the van. The robbers scream and scream, no one can hear them. Their arms fire but they don't affect the current situation. Suddenly a black gauntlet reaches through the window and grabs one of the robbers. The other three are scared, hopeless and guilty. Then another arm secretly snatches two robbers away. The last robber goes outside only to find his teammates unconscious. Then a figure comes right in front of him. The robber stands still in fear. The figure comes closer and closer. The robber asks in a scared voice"Who the hell are you?" The figure grabs the robber and reveals himself in the moonlight. "Your worst nightmare" is all the robber hears as a gauntlet is smacked into his face and he falls. The figure turns around and reveals to be Batman. Batman grapples away and leaves the fallen robbers. A moment after Batman has finished, the Moon Knight comes. He sees the robbers all over the ground. "Someone has done my job for tonight, could have been the Avengers" As the Moon Knight is about to leave, he sees that there are small bite marks all over the robbers. "This is new, what kind of monster fights crime and bites the enemies?" are the current thoughts of the Moon Knight. The Moon Knight goes back to his headquarters and prepares for the next day. When the sun arises, Steven Grant is going for a walk outside. He stumbles upon a man. Steven Grant asks the man" You must be new here, what's your name?" The man says "My name is Bruce Wayne, I am just here for a visit" "Nice to meet you, Bruce" "Same, Mr?" "Grant, Steven Grant but you can call me Steven" "Ah, good to see you. But I have to go to a meeting that starts in an hour" "Bye" says Steven. Bruce waves back. "Batcave, what did you get on Steven Grant?" "During your quick meeting with him, I believe he was a former mercenary, Marc Spector was his name. Father was a rabbi. Marc was a boxer, marine and mercenary. Shall I access his personal files?" "Sure" "He is the hero of this city. The Moon Knight, he bows down to the moon god Khonshu" Bruce Wayne shuts his earpiece down "All I needed to hear" he says as he walks to his meeting. When the night takes over light of day, Bruce Wayne takes a cab. When he is in the cab, he meets Jake Lockley. Jake asks Bruce" So being a bat huh?" "What are you talking about?" "Parents dying, Criminals are a cowardly superstitious lot aren't they?" Before Jake can say something, Bruce says" How about your three identities? Marc Spector, Jake Lockley or should I say Steven Grant?" "Getting over Jason wasn't enough to stop you?" Bruce immediately puts on his cowl and grabs Jake. Batman then grapples to a rooftop and holds Jake by the neck. "Where did you find this info?" says Batman to Jake. Jake answers"It's called being the earth's mightiest heroes" and breaks free of Batman's grip. Jake puts on his costume and becomes Moon Knight. Batman and Moon Knight stand in front of each other. Both enraged, a fight in only one wins. Moon Knight throws some powerful punches. They hit Batman and he flies off. Batman smashes into a wall. Moon Knight leaps over and lands a flying kick. Batman swiftly dodges the kick and throws an explosive batarang. The explosion knocks Batman and Moon Knight far from each other. Batman scans Moon knight. He thinks for himself "Can take more damage than a human. Other physical properties are like mine. Let's hope he isn't as smart"Moon Knight thinks for himself "He is just like me, spends millions on fancy toys. But the one advantage I have is that he can't take as much as I do" Moon Knight charges towards Batman. He successfully rams into Batman and drives him through a wall. Batman takes a hypersonic batarang and sticks it onto Moon Knight's ear. The hypersonic batarang screeches and Moon Knight kneels in pain. Batman comes at Moon Knight with a flying kick. The kick knocks Moon Knight down the building. Moon Knight lands into a dumpster. Batman comes gliding down. The knockdown on Moon Knight has generally weakened him. He is hurt in his spine. Moon Knight calls Frenchie. Frenchie comes flying in with the Moon Copter. Frenchie fires the Moon Copters guns at Batman in order to help Moon Knight get up. Batman takes cover behind a building. When it is clear, Batman silently grapples onto the Moon Copter. Batman climbs in and faces Moon Knight once again. This time them being above ground and a pilot who is trying to control the moon copter from crashing. Moon Knight throws heavy punches at Batman. The punches put heavy weight on the helicopter. Frenchie loses control of the helicopter and parachutes out. Moon Knight grabs Batman and jumps out. They are both diving down to the ground. Both of their speed is increasing rapidly and soon they are only an apartment's distance from the ground. SMASH! Moon Knight crashes down to the ground. He is now in a lot of pain. He looks up to find Batman but can't. Suddenly a body wiith a cape flies down. The body is lifeless before it's landing on the ground. Moon Knight rushes to see his dead enemy's body. He lifts up the head looks into the face. He becomes surprised. The body was just a few trash bags put together. Suddenly a powerful kick comes right to his face. Moon Knight's mask is ripped open and his full face is revealed. He looks up to find a capeless Batman looking down at him. Moon Knight takes out a Moon shaped boomarang and aims it at Batman. Moon Knight throws it and it hits Batman. Batman screams in pain. Moon Knight with all his strength makes a powerful punch at Batman's face. Batman falls down. Moon Knight comes to batman and holds him by the neck. Moon Knight tells Batman that he is defeated. Batman is exhausted and can't do anything. Moon Knight is ready to finally knock his defeated opponent. Moon Knight aims his fist at Batman's head and gathers momentum. Then Batman kicks Moon Knight in the solar plexus and puts on a gas mask. He then throws a fear gas grenade. Moon Knight inhales the fear gas and starts hallucinating. Moon Knight sees Khonshu calling him a failure. Many Khonshus calling him a failure. Moon Knight goes down to his knees and is mentally weakened. Batman takes his chance and finishes Moon Knight with a powerful round kick in the face. Moon Knight falls and Batman lifts him up. Moon Knight says "Khonshu, kill me if I am a failure to you" Batman replies "No, only thing you failed at was fighting me. Jason and my parents are not your buisness!" Batman drops Moon Knight and leaves him. Batman calls the batwing and flies away. The dawn reaches and Moon Knight is lying there, beaten and sobbing in shame. When he get's up he finds a note written by Batman. The note says" I am vengeance, I am the Night. I am Batman!"


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