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It was a cold, misty night in London, England. Everyone was asleep, for its was only 2 in the morning. Loki walked silently in the forest, alone and in shock. He had only been in battling his brother on the Bifrost a few minutes ago and he had no idea where he was now. His family surely thought he was dead now, since he had fallen into the dark abyss that used to be the portal to Asgard. Lucky for him, he took the Casket of Winters down with him. He had spoken to The Other just recently, and had also gained a Chitauri Sceptre and the alliance of the Chitauri in his plan to rule Earth.

Mr. Freeze was trying to stay hidden and away from Batman. He had thought to hide in one of the billion buildings in London. But to get to where he was going, he had to walk through the forest for cover. He didn't need the police here to attract attention. His current plan for killing him might go through if he finds a good hiding place.

Loki stopped in the middle of the forest. He felt another presence, someone who was cold, like a Frost Giant. Could it be a Frost Giant, coming to avenge their king, whom Loki had just killed? "If you wish to avenge your king, I suggest that we not fight here, for it will attract the attention of the local Midgardians." He said. Suddenly, a blue figure emerged from behind a tree. He looked like a Frost Giant, but with a weird Midgardian suit on probably for protection or to stay cold. Maybe he got it from the man they call Iron?

Mr. Freeze had not the slightest idea what the freak with horns was talking about, just that he wanted to fight. "I am not whoever you think I am. They call me Mr. Freeze and I seek shelter in one of these buildings. Do not stand in my way or you'll be a Popsicle before you know it!" He warned. Loki wasn't sure what this Popsicle he spoke of was. "Enough! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by a petty Ice Man!" Loki yelled. Loki summoned the Casket and his skin started to turn dark blue. He shot a bombardment of ice at Mr. Freeze, but of course, that did nothing. Mr. Freeze chuckled. "I run on ice, fool!"

Mr.Freeze shot an even heavier blast of ice from his gun at Loki. It knocked him into a tree. Loki tried to get up, but not before Mr. Freeze could shoot him again. Loki ended up being stuck to a tree. Mr. Freeze went to finish off the job, but just as he touched Loki, he disappeared. Loki was a hologram! "You Midgardians, so easy to fool with a bit of magic." Loki laughed. Loki then summoned his Sceptre. "You aren't worthy of your title, Dr.Fries. You don't even know the science of magic!" Loki smirked. He fired a ball of magic from his Sceptre straight at Freeze. Freeze's suit was obviously weakened, because Freeze fell to the ground. Loki cloned himself multiple times while Mr.Freeze was recovering from being stunned. "This is cheating!" He said.

"Not if you're a god! But you are just a heartbroken man, looking for his long lost love and revenge on the Man of the Bats! Ha! I found your weakness!" Loki grinned. He surely hit his weak spot, because Mr. Freeze's expression faltered. Mr. Freeze yelled as he shot his gun across the line of clones. They disappeared and the real Loki fell. Freeze had knocked him out. "I knew you weren't the big tough god that you claimed to be." He said. Mr. Freeze walked up to Loki, but just then, Loki disappeared and reappeared behind him. Loki smashed Freeze's suit, making Freeze defenseless and dying.

"You were made to be ruled, and in the end, you will always kneel."

Honestly, Marvel is better people.
Honestly, Marvel is better people.


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