ByRichard Custodio II, writer at
Richard Custodio II

Imagine you sitting there at the premiere of a Marvel’s SHIELD movie. The movie ends and everyone leaves the theater, but you stay for the post credits scene.

The screen starts with Nick Fury walking up to Phil Coulson and recommending that he trains a new recruit. Coulson asks what his name is. The scene cuts to a woman with her back to the camera wearing a black T-Shirt And her long red hair is revealed to the camera.

"Not he, SHE. And she is very talented. We've had her under surveillance since she was a teenager." Coulson seems intrigued. The scene cuts back to the woman as she slips on her green army pants and black combat boots.

"Well what's her name?" Coulson asks? Fury pulls out his phone and calls her number. Cut back to the woman. you can see her whole outfit now. The camera pans up and you can finally see her face.

The high-tech PDA on her belt chirps a high pitched somehow familiar jingle. Just as you realize who she is, the camera zooms in on her face as she answers Fury’s call… she says…

“What’s the sitch?”


Do you think Kim Possible would be a good addition to S.H.I.E.L.D.?


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