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With the recent success of Disney's Cinderella, it would be a safe bet to assume more live-action movies are on the way from the Walt Disney Studios. The most likely of the movies to get live-action status is....The Little Mermaid.

It is the most likely choice considering Disney seems to be taking animated classics and turning them into live-action hits. The story of a mermaid princess who longs to become human and meet the prince of her dreams. Considering the recent popularity boost mermaids have had in recent times, the appeal is there for a live-action version. With two live-action succeses already under their belts, and a third on the way no doubt, Disney is without a doubt digging into their limitless vault for classics to take a crack at in the future.

A Musical hit in the Making....

Not only is the storyline almost perfect, the music of The Little Mermaid essentially seals the deal. The Little Mermaid originally won two Oscars in its debut year, both of which were for muscial catergories. Alan Menken, one of the geniuses behind The Little Mermaid original score and the winner for Best original song in 1990 for "Under the Sea", is currently working on the music for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie that Walt Disney Pictures is producting. Menken would be able to adapt a score and songs he originally worked on in the 80s and watch a wonderful live-action movie turn into a smash hit musical.

My choice for Ariel....

Amy Adams. Not only a Disney movie veteran, but a Princess Ariel doppelganger.

Amy Adams
Amy Adams


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