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There are rumors that Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot may feature the Sinister Six (Kosur, 2015).

Here are six reasons why the Sinister Six should not be in Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot.

1. Budget Concerns

Marvel Studios has kept their budgets contained thus far. Guardians of the Galaxy, its riskiest project to date, cost $170 million dollars to make. The Iron Man Trilogy cost $150, $200, and $200 million dollars respectively. The Thor films cost $150 and $170 million to make. The Captain America films cost $140 and $170 million. The Incredible Hulk cost $135 million. The most expensive Marvel Cinematic Universe film is The Avengers, which cost 225 million dollars to make (until the budget for its sequel is confirmed).

To make a Spider-Man movie with the Sinister Six would cost almost as much as The Avengers. Creating the super powers for the Sinister Six requires a great deal of special effects. This would also increase the duration of the post-production period. The Avengers required special effects for the super powers of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Loki, the aliens, and more. and the more super powered beings there are, the more expensive the budget will be.

Fans reading this may wonder why they should care about how much it costs to make a movie. In order for the Spider-Man reboot to work the film has to make money. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial for Marvel and Sony to make sequels. If the Spider-Man reboot is unsuccessful, he may suffer the same fate as the Hulk, where he is only used in ensemble films. Thus, it is in the best interest of Spider-Man fans that Marvel budgets its films properly.

2. Casting Concerns

Having the Sinister Six appear in the upcoming Spider-Man film could create casting issues. Peter Parker, his family, and friends have yet to be cast. There is a rumor that Iron Man may appear in this film (Kosur, 2015), and it is well known that Robert Downey Jr. is highly paid. If he appears, it will cost a considerable amount as Robert Downey Jr. is getting paid $40 million to appear in Captain America: Civil War (Graser, 2014). To pay Robert Downey Jr. and six good actors and/or actresses to play super villains over multiple films would be almost impossible.

The greatest challenge in casting the Sinister Six all at once is finding six talented actors and or actresses that can commit to appearing in several films. Talented and popular actors tend to be signed onto projects for several years ahead of time. In other words, casting the Sinister Six for the The Spectacular Spider-Man is more trouble than it’s worth.

3. Fan Reaction Concerns

The moment many fans knew The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had multiple villains they became skeptical. These fans spread their skepticism all over the Internet. A negative connotation was associated with the film from that moment on. In other words, having the Sinister Six appear in this film will cause many Spider-Man and Avengers fans to be skeptical. There is no need to make fans turn against this reboot before it is even filmed.

4. Story Concerns

Spider-Man fans know too well what happens when a film has more villains than the story can handle. Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 both proved that having three villains in a Spider-Man film, and making the film good, is difficult.

Is it possible that a good Spider-Man film can be made with three villains or more? Yes, but the filmmakers involved would have to balance a plethora of story-lines. It would be much easier if the Sinister Six were each established by the time they join forces. This would allow the Sinister Six to team up and face Spider-Man without too much or too little exposition.

The Spider-Man reboot already has enough story-lines that it has to deal with. The story needs to address who Peter is in this new series. How is his Spider-Man similar and different from the other incarnations of the character? Does Peter like Gwen and or Mary Jane? How will Peter join the Avengers? What will he bring to the Avengers that they are lacking? These questions need to be dealt with. Including the Sinister Six may over-complicate the plot and reduce the screen time of Spider-Man, who is the main draw of this film.

5. Too many villains for Spider-Man to fight alone

Many fans questioned why the Avengers did not provide aid to one another in the Phase 2 films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Spider-Man faces the Sinister Six in his first film, it will raise the same question. This would raise the question of why the Avengers did not deal with the Sinister Six beforehand. Where were the villains when all of the other Marvel films were happening?

No film director has successfully captured Spider-Man fighting multiple villains at the same time. In Spider-Man 3, Sam Raimi staged a poorly conceived battle between Spider-Man and New Goblin versus Sandman and Venom. This fight was suspense-less and featured far too much fake looking CGI. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marc Webb avoided having Electro, Green Goblin, and Rhino on the screen at the same time, let alone fighting Spider-Man.

To stage a six on one fight would be difficult to keep contained. It would be beneficial for the director and fans if Iron Man and/or Captain America helped Spider-Man take on this threat. This should occur in a sequel after the new Spider-Man and the villains are established. Otherwise, this Spider-Man reboot will be less about him than it should be.

6. How can the stakes be raised?

If Spider-Man fights the Sinister Six in his first MCU film, it raises the question of who he will fight in the sequels. What threats can he face that are greater than the Sinister Six? This would be like having Batman fight the Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, and Bane in the upcoming Batman reboot. In other words, if Spider-Man fights the Sinister Six first it will cause major issues for the sequels. He will either have to fight the Sinister Six again or face a lesser threat. If the threat is not as great the story tends to be less interesting.

For all of these reasons, the Sinister Six should not appear in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. If they are developed and established as the new Spider-Man series progresses, then the Sinister Six will be a welcome presence. Otherwise, they will only over-complicate the task at hand: rebooting Spider-Man for the second time in less than a decade.

*All of the budgets are based on the information available on Box Office Mojo.

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