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First time trying for a contest about DC vs Marvel both heroes are my favorite

Batman vs ironman

Both heroes has many things in common Money, Bad boy personality, Lose of parents and both without any super powers stands out in the crowed by their brain and knowledge. So let’s get to the movie plot

As both universe clashes together batman and ironman man looks for answer as why this happen and came to know that it was the work of Loki. After that Loki with its mind controlling ability make a fake personality of iron man in the eyes of batman which starts the fight between the two hero.

Ironman suits up so as the batman take its gear

Fight began with ironman using all its rocket and laser pointed at bat man and boommm fire batman doges all of them by his counter blaster shield, next attack with some smoke gas and bat bomb which are easily dogged by ironman

Next comes hand to hand battle in which bats has the advantage of martial arts thus putting the ironman to the ground but on the ground ironman puts the last attack in the field by firing his beam thus injuring batman to the ground and putting all its energy to its beam ready to fire in the last minute jarvise shuts down and the suit collapse with ironman on the ground bats stand and in actual between all that fight bat was trying to hack in the suit thus shut it down for good..

So my vote to BATMAN :D


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