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Jashan Boparai

After Robert Downey Jr revealed the first of many Age of Ultron character posters a few weeks ago, fans were waiting somewhat patiently for the the portraits of the newest additions to the Avengers roster. Quite frankly, it was worth it:

Scarlet Witch

We've already seen Scarlet Witch before, through trailers, concept art, and behind the scenes footage, but this seems to be our first true look at her. Here, we see her toying around with her newfound powers, the same powers that influence Hulk and Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron. We see that she's in front of Ultron/HYDRA's fortress, possibly after being freed by the sentient robot.


This also isn't our first look at Quicksilver, but it's the best one. Trailed by his signature blue light, he seems to be running with/from (who can tell) Ultron's minions. With so much debris flying around him, it's no surprise he's running.

Does this mean Vision's character poster is in the near future? Hopefully.


What do you think of the newest character posters?


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