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This Comic is a 24 issue series written about 10 years ago and published through Joe's Comics and Top Cow. it is the story of 113 children born in a town that when a meteor hits all of the children in utero at the time of the strike are imbued with superpowers. each one having a different level of power based on how far along during the pregnancy they were, Poet being conceived at the exact moment the meteor hit.

The story itself focusses on the group of children as grown ups when they realize that one of their own is killing off the others to redistribute the flow of power to the others. The characterisations in the show remind you very much of characters on Heroes long before heroes was ever really on the air.

I believe this series should be adapted for television if for no other reason than the creator and writer of the comic is none other than J. Michael Straczynski himself (for those of you unfamiliar with him he is the Creator of Babylon 5) The other reason I think this show should be picked up is because it is one of the best superhero Stories I have ever read that fall outside of the Marvel/DC monopoly of the Genre.

Straczynski himself has a multi platform release company called Studio JMS that has produced some wicked web series, where ha has worked with People like will smith and Sam Raimi, I do not see why it would be hard for him to pitch this as a series to Netflix or an HBO style network that has shorter seasons with critically acclaimed shows. it could have the level of action and detail that Game of Thrones or Banshee has and still be able to be on a network. If you have not already read it I suggest finding the graphic novels you will not be disappointed.

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