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The Lazarus Effect, another film with an intriguing premise that got lost by poor story telling. Starring Olivia Wilde a both beautiful and talented actress, one would think it's safe to assume the film would be semi-decent at the least. And I'm sad to say it really almost was, almost. Olivia Wilde (House, Tron, etc.) plays Zoey a medical student. She and a team of three are led by her fiancé Frank (Mark Duplass; of The League, and Safety Not Guaranteed) their goal, bringing the dead back from life. In this case a dead dog. After successfully accomplishing this they plan to show their findings to the world but are presented with a problem when the dean of their university shuts down their experiments. (Spoiler Alert: well not really because it shows it in the preview) While trying to recreate the experiment Zoey is accidentally electrocuted and killed. And that's right you guessed it, they try out the death defying serum on her. There’s a particularly eerie scene when we see Zoey, newly awakened from the dead, sitting upright on metal table, completely shrouded in a white hospital sheet. (Like Casper, no it was actually pretty freaky) At this point in the movie I'm feeling both a little creeped out and extremely interested in what will happen next. Who isn't interesting at least mildly in the matter of life and death (and what's in between)? Suddenly the movie's tone is changed completely and it turns more into a slasher film than anything. At this point I felt that familiar feeling of dread, realizing I once again I was watching a movie that would end predictably and with no real message to walk away with. In a film that had so much potential for engaging and scaring an audience, we instead see senseless gore and no real story line. Wake up Hollywood there are still true movie fans out there looking for interesting and original ideas.


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