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"What's the point? They're all the same: Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act..." - Sidney Prescott
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"What's your favorite scary movie?" These five words redefined horror, and we all know it.

With the upcoming release of the new Scream television series (which I am NOT excited for, BTW!), I decided that it's about time to demonstrate why a show should not exist. First way of doing so: proposing that the death scenes will never be able to be as elaborate. (And we, as the core audience, expect it. Carnage candy!)

#10 "But I'm the killer in Stab 3!" (Scream 3 - 'Gale Weathers')

Parker Posey is one of the funniest actresses alive, so having her be a part of the satirical Stab series was probably the smartest decision in Scream 3! She flourished in every scene, and it really was sad to see her go...

Especially since she was supposedly the killer in Stab 3.

#9 "The horror genre is historical for excluding the African-American element!" (Scream 2 - Phil Stevens)

Now this was unexpected! And ouch? What a bizarre first kill to start off a sequel with, eh? That's the thing with Scream... The unexpected is the new cliche! Just when you think you know what's about to happen, Wes throws a curveball your way!

I remember watching this in theaters and thinking to myself, "Wow... Could this really happen? I mean like, did the killer measure his victim beforehand?" I was eleven.

#8 "I didn't make the cutting room floor..." (Scream - Steven Orth)

Steven Orth has never been given the credit he truly deserves- and that's all due to the damn MPAA! It was 1996, they've always been pricks, and they found this to be too much.

However fifteen years later, Olivia Morris was gutted like a fish and a cop was stabbed in the head... That makes a lot of sense.

#7 "Omega Beta Zeta?" (Scream 2 - Cici Cooper)

The dumb blonde has to go-Those are the rules! And yes, this one went out in style! Never in horror history has getting thrown off a five-story building looked so hot!

It's been rumored that Sarah Michelle Gellar was a pain in Craven's ass and so he named a character in Scream 3 ,Sarah Darling, after SMG. (Refer to Sarah Darling's lines, "I'm Candy, the chick who dies third... I'm only in two scenes.") It's been rumored that SMG would always whine and complain (in regards to only being in two scenes) to which he'd begin his reply with, "Sarah, darling..."

#6 "Fuck Bruce Willis!" (Scream 4 - Officer Perkins)

This kill was SO down-right hilarious that it seems like it was pulled straight out of one of the Scary Movies! Which was most probably Wes Craven's intention, especially since Anthony Anderson has been detrimental to the SM franchise!

What makes this scene list-worthy are his final words, which I completely agree with!

#5 "Stab's the wrong franchise for her... It should be Final Destination." (Scream 4 - Olivia Morris)

NOTHING this bloody has been done since the original, which made it long past due! And I don't think ANYBODY was expecting this when going into Scream 4! Personally, I was flabbergasted! (I love that word.) That poor beautiful dumb girl... You almost have to feel sorry for her. Truthfully though, this scene was brilliant.

R.I.P. Olivia 'Don't-Look-At-My-Tits-'Cause-I-Have-A-Brain' Morris...

#4 "My mum and dad are gonna be so mad at meee!" (Scream - Stu Macher)

Not many people realize how violently Stu Macher bit the dust, so let me be the first to display some sympathy for the guy... I mean, being stabbed numerous times all over your body then having your head smashed in with a T.V. isn't pretty! Plus, he seemed like a really fun guy to be around!

If he wasn't planning on gutting you like a fish...

#3 "Just shut the fuck up, already!" (Scream 4 - Rachel)

Technically, this isn't a Scream kill (it's a Stab kill), but let's just go with it and if you didn't absolutely undeniably and full-heartedly adore this scene from the bottom of your Scream-obsessed heart, then you're insane! I mean, how meta could it get! And Anna Paquin/Kristen Bell while they're at it! Wes knew exactly what he was doing with the first ten minutes of Scream 4!

I've caught myself constantly explaining scary movies to the person next to me so I can really relate to this scene...

#2 "What movie is this from? I Spit On Your Garage?" (Scream - Tatum Riley)

"Please, Mr. Ghostface... I wanna be in the sequel." Those nine words made Rose McGowan a Scream Queen, even though she didn't even make it to the sequel. This scene was wild, entertaining, and most of all- original. It's legit never been done before, and will always be my all-time favorite kill...

Funniest part about this scene- Rose McGowan actually fit through that doggy door!

#1 "Just getting ready to watch a video..." (Scream - Casey Becker)

Now isn't that just a sight for sore eyes? Forget Jamie Lee Curtis, fuck Linda Blair... Drew Barrymore all the way! This girl pulled off what only Janet Leigh could! And best part is, she was the one to come up with the idea of being killed off first; Wes originally wanted her to be Sydney!

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Or better yet, wanna know what The Top 10 Worst Death Scenes in the Scream Franchise are? I bet you do!

Now tell me, ladies and gentelmen... What do you guys think? Which kill was your favorite kill?

Oh, and make sure to...

So what do you guys think, ladies and gentlemen?


Which was your favorite kill in the Scream franchise?


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