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One of my favorite topics in the debate between Marvel and DC always boils down to a fight between the Justice League and the Avengers. I wanted to set up a scenario that would make for an epic and fairly even battle, despite the Justice League seeming to have more powerhouses like Superman and Shazam, while Marvel has a greater number of heroes that I would consider for the fight. While the Justice League is pretty vast itself, I wanted to focus more on the more popular heroes that more people would know about. In the end, I chose the seven that would be appearing in the Justice League film and also unite to form the Justice League in the New 52. Although I enjoy the characters of Shazam, Power Girl, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter, I wanted to keep the size of the team relatively small. I’m admittedly a huge Marvel fan, and I know more about Marvel and its heroes, so I ran into a similar issue of keeping the team at a fair size to battle the Justice League. For the Avengers, I chose the original six appearing in Marvel’s The Avengers movie, with the addition of Spider-Man to match DC’s seven. I wanted to keep out the Maximoff twins, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch due to the unpredictability of the powers of Scarlet Witch and the unpredictability of Quicksilver’s allegiance. I love the Vision, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, and Black Panther, but I think I will include all of these characters at another fight and another time.

1. Captain America vs. Cyborg

2. Iron Man vs. Green Lantern

3. Hulk vs. Superman

4. Thor vs. Aquaman

5. Black Widow vs. Batman

6. Hawkeye vs. Wonder Woman

7. Spider-Man vs. Flash

So here is my official line-up for the fight. While some heroes would arguably be better match-ups, such as Cap and Wonder Woman or Iron Man and Cyborg, I also wanted to have the battle end up in the most epic way possible. Also, in describing the fights I will generally write from the perspective of the Marvel fan in why I based my decision the way I did, because I know the Marvel characters better and I have a better feel for how these characters would react to certain situations. To remain as unbiased as possible, I also consulted my roommate who is an avid DC fan. The scenario that unfolds is the one that we both felt was as accurate as a collaborating Marvel and DC fan boy team could possibly be, and I apologize if I’m still too biased in this one

1. Captain America – 45%

2. Iron Man – 0%

3. Superman – 25%

4. Thor – 35%

5. Batman – 45%

6. Wonder Woman – 75%

7. Spider-Man – 25%

I had Captain America take on Cyborg in the first round because I thought it would be a good match up. While Cap is also good friends with Tony Stark, they are also at odds and fight pretty frequently. I feel as though Captain America would be a good match for Cyborg physically, but I feel like the veteran would overcome the rookie of the Justice League.

Iron Man and Green Lantern are too close to call. These too heroes are both tactically versatile and incredibly adaptive. Iron Man has taken on heroes who use hard light, such as Quasar before with a certain amount of success. I think Iron Man, while not quite as versatile, has the tactics and the resources to fight Green Lantern to a standstill.

Hulk against Superman has been one of the greatest super hero debates of all time. These are two characters who still have not discovered the peak of their power, both constantly discovering new, higher limits. While Hulk becomes more powerful the angrier he gets, he can be beaten into submission before he reaches earth-shattering anger. If any hero in the Justice League can stop the Hulk, it’s Superman, but I believe Superman would have to do so by brute force, and the Hulk would not go down easy. While the Man of Steel can take some serious punishment, he is not immune to a super-powered beat-down, and Hulk happens to be very good at that.

Thor’s mastery of the weather is why I thought he would be a good match-up for Aquaman. While Aquaman controls the seas, Thor controls the skies, and that would make for an epic battle. I’m not going to sell Aquaman short, he is a formidable opponent who can put even Superman in his place, but I feel Thor would be more than a match for him.

Even though I’m a Marvel fan, I could never sell Batman short on his accomplishments and his abilities. Black Widow is a serious opponent in combat, however, and would doubtless surprise and compete with the Dark Knight. While she is the best S.H.I.E.L.D. has to offer, I doubt she would be able to keep up with Batman and his knack for routinely defeating more powerful foes.

I’ll admit Hawkeye and Wonder Woman are my oddest match up. As much as I like Hawkeye, Wonder Woman would beat him hands down. While Hawkeye is an incredibly clever and agile tactician, he would have a hard time taking on Wonder Woman and her indestructible bracelets and range, and even more difficulty in hand-to-hand combat. Hawkeye is still a formidable hero, but he would not last long against Wonder Woman.

Spider-Man’s spider sense, along with his super-human reflexes and agility makes him a good match for the Flash. I think Spider-Man’s webs and reflexes would give him a good chance at halting Flash’s mobility, and Spidey would scrape by with a win.

1. Captain America vs. Batman

2. Superman vs. Thor

3. Spider-Man vs. Wonder Woman

We see the second round moving into some pretty exciting match ups. At this point the heroes have been worn down by their battles with other heroes, with equal members of both teams rejoining the fray after their respective battles. At this point, DC has the advantage with Wonder Woman in far better shape than Spider-Man. You may have also noticed that Iron Man is back in the victor bracket below. While I think Iron Man and Green Lantern would fight to a standstill, there is nothing stopping Tony Stark from donning a new armor after his previous one is destroyed, making him a tenacious hero that is hard to put down for good. I kept him at half his fighting strength, however, due to the physical stress he would have sustained from the battle, and the inferior model of armor he would put on.

1. Captain America – 10%

2. Superman – 5%

3. Wonder Woman – 35%

4. Iron Man – 50%

Captain America against Batman is one of my favorite super hero debates of all time. No two heroes, with the exception of maybe Hawkeye and Green Arrow, are as close to physical and intellectual equals as these two. As far as the battle would go, I would have to give the victory to Cap. The super soldier serum put Cap at a physical level Batman could never achieve, as well as an accelerated healing factor. Batman is as physically perfect as a person can be, he has a normal human’s metabolism and some injuries that will never fully heal. I think Cap would edge out Batman in a fight.

Superman is more than a match for Thor, but I think after a battle with Hulk, Superman would be at the end of his rope. However, Superman has the ability and the tenacity to keep getting up that I think he would keep coming back after each blow from Mjolnir, until the Thunderer was defeated.

Spider-Man and Wonder Woman are a good match up, but at this point the Amazonian definitely has more fight in her. While Spider-Man is used to battling numerous villains as well as villains beyond his capabilities, Wonder Woman would eventually overpower him.

1. Cap vs. Wonder Woman

2. Superman vs. Iron Man

At this stage, Iron Man returns to the fray, prompting Superman to return to the battle instead of going to the sun to re-energize. While Wonder Woman is more than a match for Cap, Supes wouldn’t leave her to fight the two alone.

1. Wonder Woman – 25%

2. Iron Man – 25%

While Cap can keep up with the best of them, his fight with Batman would leave him physically exhausted, and unable to keep up with a hero like Wonder Woman.

Although at this point Superman doesn’t have much left in him after defeating the two most powerful Avengers, he still puts Iron Man’s armor to the test. Iron Man barely overcomes Superman in this fight.

For the last battle I have Iron Man against Wonder Woman, and it’s hard for me to say who would win this one. It’s my Marvel bias that would have Iron Man win, but it was also my Marvel bias that brought Iron Man back for the final battle as well. In the end, I know it’s probably DC that walks away with the win in this one.

I’m sure most of you disagree with my statistics, winners, match ups, etc., but I had fun writing this and this was a good distraction for me. I’m passionate about Marvel and I love the competition with DC, and I’d love to talk with anyone about it. I know this one is already super lengthy, but I'd also love writing out the battles in more detail and in a fanfiction. Thanks for reading!


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