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Don't everybody freak out at once, but the folks behind your favourite, upcoming independent fantasy feature 'The Dwarves of Demrel', have just dropped the FIRST Official Poster for the movie, and SPOILER ALERT - it's freakin' badass!

It's also not Thorin, but it's just as cool, if not MORE so!

Now you guys should know by now that I've been following and covering, the making of this movie from pre-production to now, so whilst I do of course have the rest of the poster to reveal to you, I also have a little background on DoD character, Brenn!

Because honestly, there's no way you can live your life, without knowing these characters as well as you know your own family!

First up, if you're wondering what DoD is, here's the official synopsis!

In this steampunk, fantasy adventure, a collapse imprisons three Dwarven miners who must now work collectively to combat starvation, despair, and a mysterious creature. Further complications arise when one of the Dwarves learns of their joint, morbid fate and must decide whether to tell the truth, or keep it a secret and preserve hope.

Now, without further ado, I present to you, the FIRST offical poster for DoD!!

Is that not one of the most beautifully striking images you've seen on a movie poster in DECADES!? Honestly, considering the industry's obsession with generic movie posters - most of which consist of terrible photoshop, floating heads, etc - it's refreshing to see a well shot, well thought out poster, that not only interests and intrigues, but gives us a hint at what we can expect the movie to look and feel like.

Which, judging by this poster - is going to be an artistic, visually striking masterpiece that serves to enchant, intrigue and hypnotise you, with every frame.

Say Hello to Brenn!

Cynical, tattooed & rugged, Brenn relies on alcohol and tobacco to deal with life's lemons. With an array of not-so-wise life choices behind him, Brenn tends to blame "The Man" for these problems, constantly seeing himself as the "Victim" - all whilst drinking mead. He likes mead.

Lots of mead.

Don't touch his Mead.
Don't touch his Mead.

Having been a miner all his life, he finds that he can get bored with the long, arduous and often mundane activity of mining, however sees the work as noble, honourable and important - especially in Dwarven culture.

His one wish?

"Any nice, very large sized garments."

I imagine it's not always easy for a larger fellow, but it's all worth it, when come Christmas he can put away his boots, lay the pickax aside, and drink and pipe in hand - finally get paid for it.

That's all for Brenn for now, but make sure to follow the movie page on here, or my profile for all the latest info as and when it comes out, and of course, head on over to Facebook and give the Official Movie Page a like!


On a scale of 1-10, how are excited are you for DoD?


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