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Liam of the finest actors of our generation has had somewhat of a resurgence in the past few years as an action star, with his newest action flick "Run All Night" opening worldwide this weekend, let's take a look back at the Best and Worst of Liam Neeson.

The format is simple, I'm going to run down the underrated, the overrated, his best scene and then the Best and the Worst movies of Liam Neeson's career, and then afterwards, I want you guys to tell me your picks in the comments!



Joe Carnahan's "The Grey" released in January of 2012, so the likelihood of it being any good was very little despite its very gripping trailer. To almost everyone's surprise, "The Grey" was actually a very good movie, not only because it saw Liam Neeson face off against a pack of Wolves but also because it had a lot more depth to it than any of us expected.

The studio sold this to us as a straight up action flick, but what we got instead was an intimate look at grief, depression and ultimately the will to survive. Of course, the film received some back-lash as it didn't show the battle between Neeson and the Alpha Wolf, instead it cut to black. But those critics missed the point of this amazing film, I implore you to go back to this film with a different mindset. This is one of Neeson's least talked about performances, when in fact it should be the opposite.



People seem to remember "Love Actually" as a great romantic comedy when in my own opinion, its terrible. This is the film that glorified the trend of putting a bunch of actors in a movie, all with different stories and relationships and somehow tying them together, we saw this trend go into even worse films such as "New Years Eve" and "Valentines Day".

Apart from being far too long, "Love, Actually" features one dimensional, stereotypical characters that couldn't be more boring if they tried. Because the film tries to have so many stories, none of them get enough attention to even become interesting.


TAKEN - "I will find you....and I will kill you"

Taken has reached iconic fame in the short time since its release as it turned dramatic actor Liam Neeson into an ass kicking machine. "Taken" truly is a fantastic film, one that I love more and more every time I watch it (lets just forget about the sequels). Undeniably the best scene in "Taken" is one that shook the hearts of parents everywhere as Liam Neeson attempts to understand and ultimately threaten his daughters kidnapper. Take a look:



Like it or not, Neeson has had a few flops in his time, not only financially but some were just downright awful. A lot of you will automatically jump to "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" as his worst, and whilst I completely worst for the actor is one of his more recent "Taken 3".

"Taken 3" was a film that promised to divert from the same formula as its two predecessors, and whilst it succeeded in doing so, it just ended up ripping off another movie..."The Fugitive". Plot point for plot point, "Taken 3" is almost a carbon copy of Harrison Ford's acclaimed thriller. This film was badly shot, edited and just lazy.


"Taken" / "Schindler's List"

"Schindler's List" is Neeson's most critically acclaimed film, and for good reason, its a masterpiece. But no film on Neeson's resume is more fun and re-watchable then the very first "Taken".

"Schindler's List" is one of Steven Spielberg's finest films, telling the story of Oscar Schindler as he tries to protect his Jewish employee's after witnessing their persecution by the Nazi's. The film boasts two incredible performances, by Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes and is a beautiful yet horrifying depiction of that era.

"Taken" is one of the other end of the spectrum from that film but not in a bad way. This is a fun, entertaining and at times quite scary film that changed Neeson's career forever. Ever since this transition, we've been seeing Neeson kick ass almost every year.

So there you have it people, the best and worst of Liam Neeson! I will have my review up for Neeson's newest: "Run All Night" sometime tomorrow, so in the meantime, make sure to tell me your Best and Worst in the comments below!

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