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With Marvel's Daredevil set to premiere on Netflix in less than a month and its rating firmly set at TV MA, I began to ponder what DC heroes would fit best in the darker world allowed by the website. Before you go looking for Batman, I aimed to keep characters who will likely appear in major roles in the films. So without further ado...

5. Cassandra Cain, aka Batgirl/Black Bat

Cass is one of the most underrated characters in DC's comics. She grew up in the League of Assassins, the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva. She is one of the best, if not the best, martial artists in the comics, and has nearly precognitive senses of body movement.

Her origins and transition to Batgirl would make for a fantastic series. She was trained mainly by her father, who taught her to ignore all pain and tested her reflexes by shooting her. She learned to read muscle motion as well as you can read these words. Her transition to Batgirl, assisted by Barbara Gordon (who takes Cass as her ward), would be a fantastic finisher to the series.

4. Jonah Hex

If there's a DC character who really needs a live action redemption, it's Jonah Hex. The disfigured bounty hunter would be right at home on Netflix, where any number of his stories could be adapted to the screen. A well done Old-West style show would provide great variety to a comics lineup. Despite the unlikelihood of any crossovers with other heroes, Jonah Hex could be a fantastic standalone.

3. Deathstroke

Deathstroke has gained a good amount of pop culture notoriety recently due to the CW's Arrow. Even better is that DC finally gave him a standalone series in the New 52, and allowed him to grow beyond his roots as a Teen Titans villain. And let's face it, Deathstroke done right is far too brutal for any other medium. As good as he was in Arrow, that was far from his full potential. Having him go toe to toe with certain other DC hand to hand combatants, such as Lady Shiva, Ra's Al-Ghul, or Prometheus could make for some great viewing.

2. Red Hood

Originally, Jason Todd came off as a slightly more villainous Punisher. Recently, however, Red Hood has grown tremendously as a character, and his popularity in his new identity has far surpassed his popularity as Robin. He would be ripe for crossover with Cass Cain, due to his ties to the League of Assassins and the Bat family.

1. The Watchmen

The picture above is exactly what I'd like to see in a Netflix series. Watchmen is acclaimed as a film and even more so as a graphic novel. A Watchmen series set before the events of the comic book would be incredible, even if it only followed a few of the characters. Though a movie would likely provide a larger budget for such a film, the longer run allowed by Netflix would allow the creators to truly do the characters justice.

A possible approach would be to devote an episode or two to each character, with appearances in other character's episodes such as Nite Owl appearing with Rorschach, or Dr. Manhattan with Silk Spectre.

So what do you think? What DC heroes (or even villains) do you think would fit great in rough style Netflix allows?


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