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DRAGON BALL: A film of our Dreams (Pt.1) Discussion

In 1984, a dream became an animated TV show with a following world wide. And this dream has spawned many fruitful ideas for those who continued to dream. Dragon Ball needs a proper film Franchise. But I know, people have tried and failed. And people are still trying.

Check out some of the amazing material on youtube, being made by names like: "K&K Productions" and "RobotUnderdog2"

K&K Productions' Saiyan Saga Fan Trailer
K&K Productions' Saiyan Saga Fan Trailer
RobotUnderdog2's Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope
RobotUnderdog2's Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope

In part One of this multi-articled story, I'll cover the major ideas of the minds who could make this a reality as well as what "laws" the film verse should/could/would require.

Directors: These Directors are just opinions, so feel free to share yours in the comments.

  • Guillermo del Toro: Pacific Rim, HellBoy 1&2 , Pan's Labyrinth, The Strain (TV series)
  • Gareth Edwards: Godzilla (2014), Monsters, In the Shadow of the Moon, End Day
  • Neill Blomkamp: Chappie, Elysium, District 9
  • James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy (enough said
  • Michael Bay: JOKING! *EXPLOSIONS*

Directors see the film even before there is a film. And if the director can interpret and understand the material, the project will blossom into our dreams.

Composers: These Composers are just opinions, so feel free to share yours in the comments.

  • Ramin Djawadi: Iron Man, Pacific Rim, Prison Break
  • Hans Zimmerman: The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Pirates of the Caribbean (Franchise), The Amazing Spiderman 2
  • John Williams: Star Wars (Franchise)

The Composer creates the sounds and music that moves us with the characters. They are Businessmen in the business of emotions in a film.

Special Effects: I'm pretty sure you got the idea about commenting ideas.

  • Industrial Light & Magic: Star Wars (All), Pacific Rim, Transformers (All), and soooo many others.

Special Effects would be heavy in a Dragon Ball film, and we need people that have major experience and success.

Those are just a few important positions necessary for the way a movie looks a feels. But now its time to talk about the "laws" that had mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The Universe that is Dragon Ball is not ours. We don't need to force the perfect weirdness of Dragon Ball into our physics, science, and technology.

In Goko's world, its total normal to see flying car/planes, kinetic energy blasts shooting out of someones body, flying in the air with only your body, or seeing a bean completely heal someones wounds. Those amazing unrealistic abilities need to be in an environment where that is just a show of strength. And at the same time, it needs to be beyond epic for the audience.

And one thing I've noticed was that the power of these characters was improperly measured. Example, Piccolo can blow up the moon, but can't do the same to Raditz. Another example, Vegeta blew up the alien planet Alia, but can't defeat Goko on Earth in their first fight without going into his Ape form. See. The science of power levels is gonna need so me tuning. And as you have noticed I've been giving examples from the "Z" series; this is because I believe that the audiences of today need the stimulation of the stories of the "Z" series. It seems to be a wider scope and provides whole other levels of Badass epic-ness!

Vegeta from the saiyan saga
Vegeta from the saiyan saga

So, am I full of it? Or do these ideas get closer to the heart of Dragon Ball?

In the next article, I'll discuss possible story and details of the (currently fictional) Dragon Ball film. Please give me some feed back! Or blow up my article.


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