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When you live on the other side of the world, following your favorite shows' panels can be exceptionally hard. That's often the case for me, feeling like I'm stranded in Australia, while all of this awesome stuff goes on in LA. Luckily, some genius invented the live stream, and as such, we international fans can sit here in the morning neglecting breakfast and other human needs to watch two awesome panels. Luckily, when I did just that with Arrow and The Flash's panels at Paleyfest, I wasn't disappointed.

In terms of brand new info, there wasn't a lot. As I replied to the Arrow writers on Twitter (and they favorited my Tweet, I geeked out so hard), their second greatest talent shadowed only by their writing is, like all showrunners, the ability to speak without actually saying anything. The bulk of the new info came in the form of reels and clips screened before each panel - which sadly aren't available online (yet), but that doesn't mean I can't break it down for you!

As soon as they are available - assuming they're made that way - I'll attach them right here for you. While the reels themselves aren't, you can watch the full Arrow panel here, and the full Flash one here - I've picked out the best parts below, though, also with stuff revealed in the reels!

Okay, update: I've now seen each reel, and I'll tell you they're goosebump worthy. The Arrow one also teases the major return of a character, from the looks of it, who, if you don't want to be spoiled, is not included in this article, but in this link.

Laurel Lance is coming to Central City!

The teaser reel for The Flash revealed that none other than Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance will be coming to The Flash in the near future! We can speculate on reasons why, but we know it'll be after Episode 17. And, naturally, Cisco freaks out when he reveals that she is the blonde costumed crime fighter that he has a crush on in Starling City- he "loves" her!

Katie Cassidy also really nicely said that playing Black Canary is "everything she ever could have wanted." It's really nice, after the stuff she's been through playing the character of Laurel Lance, to hear her saying something like that.

We're gonna learn a lot about the Reverse Flash- including explanations for some 'impossible events.'

The least of which is Harrison Wells apparently beating himself up in The Man in the Yellow Suit within the force field. Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti - writers and producers - assure us we'll have our explanations for those things "very soon." We also know there will be more glimpses into Wells' past throughout the season, and an exploration of who he really is.

Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) made some interesting comments about Wells' villainy, which the panel didn't really shy away from (though they were reticent to say if he was indeed the Reverse Flash). He noted "you can have your simple, mustache twirling villain..." or you can have a much deeper, more emotionally complex one built on "tragedy."

Oh, and Charlie Schneider of Emergency Awesome says that there was an interesting scene in the reel between two characters - one with a gun. Purely because that sounds reminiscent of some recent set photos, I've included the photo of the two above characters. Eddie Thawne, Rick Cosnett confirms, will also have an "amazing arc" for the rest of this season, which will surprise everyone.

Merlyn would sooner have Oliver as a son than Tommy

Which, given Tommy is dead, really isn't the nicest thing to say about your deceased child, but Merlyn isn't exactly renowned for his kindness. This harks back to the Season 2 finale, where Merlyn told Thea that he was proud of her because she was willing to kill him - something Tommy never could do.

We're going to learn more about the Wests - and Iris West might be facing some 'huge betrayals' soon.

Despite not giving away whether Iris West will or won't learn Barry's secret, Candice Patton (who plays her) hinted that she will be facing some "huge betrayals" if she did learn his identity, not only from Barry's trust, but from her father, who would have kept this from her.

Also on the table is an "amazing scene" in an upcoming episode between Wells and West (the senior), where we'll learn something about the scarcely mentioned West mother - Jesse L. Martin's response to altering timelines. Suggesting he "might still have this wife" in a changed future could hold more weight than we know in episodes to come.

Oliver Queen is going to undergo a personality shift!

For a while now, Stephen Amell has hinted at Oliver becoming more "humbled" as this season goes on. When he returned to Starling City in Canaries, he was met with a team who didn't necessarily worship his every order. We've known from day one that Oliver Queen will one day become the Green Arrow with a personality more resembling his comic counterpart, and, slowly, those changes are going to occur.

Oliver, in the rest of this season, will be "vulnerable...introspective...and defeated." This seems to support the speculation that a new Oliver Queen will emerge from these ashes, more humorous and with unique views of his own.

Time travel and science are explained in their "own way."

What The Flash has done, several pointed out, is make science in that world genuinely interesting and fun, often using popular culture to make things easier. Greg Berlanti, however, commented on the issues of time travel and other science-y issues, saying that "they make their own rules." Essentially, they make it up, but they respect some sense of fun realism when they do that, and ensure it makes sense to the audience.

Time travel will be no different. While it's a popular construction, to Berlanti's knowledge it "hasn't been invented yet," so there are no real rules they have to follow, and will accordingly make their own - probably in line with the DC ones.

We will see Flash storylines make it to the screen!

While it's too early to conclude with 100% certainty, this season of The Flash seems to be drawing a lot of inspiration from the Flashpoint arc, where Barry saves his mother and creates an alternate world accordingly, and must battle Professor Zoom to restore reality. When the team were asked if they would ever delve into more big DC stories - such as Crisis on Infinite Earths - Andrew Kreisberg responded with,

“There’s a fairly big Flash storyline from the comics that we’re going to tackle in the future.”

While this could also mean Flashpoint, he seems to be hinting that other seasons will continue to adapt other popular Flash story lines.

New Arrow episodes will "change the show forever."

This has been hinted several times now, from "changing the dynamic of the show forever" to big deaths and changes to the show coming in upcoming episodes, plus new masks and goodbyes, but now it's been outright said that, yes, there will be enormous changes to the show and how it works in the next few episodes leading to the end of the season. The last few times this has been said include Laurel Lance discovering Oliver Queen's identity, Moira Queen's death, and the above death of Oliver.

YES, we will discover who cares for the metahumans imprisoned in the pipeline!

Perhaps the most burning fan question and one that raises questions of (meta)human rights, as to who exactly is feeding and looking after the Metahumans imprisoned below STAR Labs, will be answered in the near future, as the team must consider their role role as "judge and jury" in deciding who goes down there. In all fairness, the Pipeline in the Flash comics is often described as a "living hell hole," so if they starved and had nowhere to go to the bathroom that wouldn't be entirely inaccurate.

More will learn the Arrow's identity, Ra's' offer will have 'dire consequences,' but it appeals to Ollie

Two more characters - for spoilers' sake, I won't say who they are - will also know who Oliver is by the end of the season, and Team Arrow's Foundry will not be in the final few episodes, because it will be compromised. Ra's' offer will also be explained far more in depth, and Oliver will see a "serious appeal" in it. If you want to know which two characters will discover Oliver's identity by the end of the season - or, more accurately, Episode 20, which they're up to filming - click here for a picture of the first, and here for a picture of the second.

Flash Season 2 will open up powers to the rest of the team, including Cisco and Caitlin, as well as potentially introducing us to Wally West or Bart Allen!

We learned during the panel that Season 1 is very much focused on "Barry's journey" and Barry's abilities. In future, that might all change, similar to how Arrow worked, potentially opening up to Cisco's Vibe and Caitlin Snow's Killer Frost, as well as other character's abilities.

The main bombshell came with a fan asking about Wally West or Bart Allen. Last year Berlanti spoke about Wally West saying it was a "possibility," and,

"We made the Wests African-American so that we could ultimately head in that direction, absolutely."

Andrew Kreisberg added then,

"What's very cool is in the New 52 they hadn't reintroduced Wally...when they reintroduced Wally, they made him African-American. So now and forever, Kid Flash will be African-American."

Which may or may not hold true, given how in flux comic characters are.

This time, however, when asked about Wally West or Bart Allen that "that's our hope," before adding, to much excitement, "

And we've already been picked up for a second season so I think if we were going to do something like that, we would do it next season."

So get ready for a Kid Flash on your screens potentially next year. Arrow proved that sidekicks can work in live action, and no doubt The Flash will adapt the equally popular Kid Flash or Impulse for their show.

Indeed, it's entirely possible by the end of the show both Bart and Wally will have made it to the show, even if under different guises - I'm personally a big fan of both "Impulse" and "Kid Flash" as names in this mythos though!

That's about it for now! When the reels or more info become available, I'll be sure to share it with you guys for you all to see, but I think I've covered the big revelations brought about today. Nothing too much new was said, but the above is all noteworthy, and could have big repercussions in the future! Don't miss both Arrow and The Flash returning to our screens after a few weeks off this week - here's a breakdown for the trailer of The Offer, on the Arrow side of things, and The Flash's next few episode trailers!

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