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OK moviepiloters, so here's my break down of Superman and The Incredible Hulk for the Marvel Vs. DC contest. Lets start with The Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk:

1. Strength - "You wouldn't like me when i'm angry." The angrier the Hulk gets the stronger he gets. There has never been a limit to the highest strength he can reach thus assumed it is limitless.

2. Leaping/Jumping - The Hulk's leg muscles are strong enough to propel him for miles in a single jump and has even reached the earths atmosphere. (Given Supes can leap tall buildings in a single bound as well as great distances, he may have a slight advantage with being able to fly, whereas the Hulk cannot.)

3. Healing - The Hulk's healing factor is astounding at best. Even faster than Wolverines. He once during a battle with Speedfreak, had his stomach cut open with adamantium blades. The Hulk had to cover his stomach to prevent his insides from spilling out and within minutes the wound had healed, unfortunately the wound had healed around part of Hulk's fingers and he had to rip his fingers out of the wound and allow it to heal again. OUCH! He is also immune to all known earthly diseases as well as being to operate under intense conditions for extended periods of time.

4. Durability - Along with his monsterous strength (no pun intended) he also has incredible durability. Just like the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets, the stronger he gets, the more durable he becomes.

5. Breathing underwater - Yeah, fun fact, he can do that. lol.

6. Resistant to mind control/ mental abilities - Hulk is said to possess the ability to resist mind control due to his multiple personalities. He also has the ability to see ghosts. (Just like Haley Joel Osment in the 6th Sense, well not just like that.) This ability has allowed Hulk to see Dr. Strange in his astral form when others cant and can also instinctively find his way back to the site of the original Gamma Bomb explosion.

7. High Resistance/ Durability - The Hulk's skin allows him protection from most artillery such as bullets, grenades, shells, and rockets. He can withstand concussive blasts, high impacts, and extreme high and low temperatures.

OK, so we've got the Hulks abilities down. Now lets see what the Man of Steel can do.


1. Super Strength - Superman's strength was increased to the point where he could move entire planets for a time... 0_0 Holy crap!

2. Super Speed - Superman could run faster than an express train in the "Golden Age" whereas now his speed rivals the Flash. Superman's speed increased to the point where he could travel faster than light. He could also use his speed to travel through time and swim at speeds approaching Aquaman's speed underwater.

3. Flight- Pretty much self explanatory. There has been speculation as to how Supes flys faster or slower. Some people think it's sheer will power while others say its due to his tactical telekinesis.

4. Invulnerability - Superman is able to withstand an atomic explosion and even fly through the core of a star. He is also immune to non-kryptonian diseases and all radiation except that of a red sun or the green stuff. Kryptonite.

5. Enhanced Vision - In addition to x-ray and heat vision he also has telescopic and microscopic vision. Meaning he can see across interstellar distances or on a microscopic and atomic level. He can also see across the full electromagnetic spectrum including infra-red and ultraviolet light. (So I think it's safe to say he can see the Hulk coming from a mile away. haha, i thought it was funny at least. Lets continue...)

6. Enhanced Hearing - Superman is able to hear sound on any wavelength and at great distances.

7. Super Breath - Superman's breath is capable of freezing objects and generating hurricane-force winds. He can also hold his breath indefinitely, allowing him to travel underwater or in space without a breathing apparatus.

8. Mental Powers: Superman possesses a genius- level intellect as well as an eidetic memory, the ability to recall images in great detail after only a few minutes of exposure, as a direct result of exposure to a yellow sun. He is also adept in speed reading, like the Flash, and is also able to absorb large amounts fo information quickly.

9. Stamina - Superman can survive indefinitely without food, water or due to the yellow sun's radiation sustaining him.

10. Healing Factor - Supes can regenerate physical damage to his body at an accelerated rate. Not sure if it's on the same level as the Hulk but he was able to regenerate his body after being reduced to an almost skeletal form by a special nuke that was used to blot out sunlight and disrupt energy.

Phew....ok, I think that's all the important ones. So with all of their abilities laid out on the table, lets find out who would win.

They both have super strength. Superman's strength comes from the sun whereas Hulk's strength comes from his anger. So if there's an eclipse or Hulk manages to block out the sun or get him far enough away from the suns radiation I think hes got him in the strength department.

So Hulk -1 Superman -0.

They both can leap great distances almost effortlessly, but I think I have to give it to Supes due to Hulks inability to fly.

Hulk -1, Superman -1

Now comes a biggie. Their durability and healing factors. Hulks durability is pretty much based on the same principles as his strength. The madder he gets the stronger and more durable he becomes. His healing factor is faster than Wolverines, and that's sayin somethin there. Superman's healing factor I would say is significantly slower than the Hulk. We've seen him take beatings and "die" at the hands of doomsday but in fact, his pulse slowed down to an almost undetectable rate so that his body could recover from the beating and i've never heard of the hulk being in the same predicament. So for that fact i'd have to give this round to the Hulk. If anyone knows of an instance where the Hulk came close to death like Supes, please feel free to comment below. :)

Hulk -2, Superman 1

Both can breath underwater as well as in space so supes better have a better plan than taking Hulk into orbit.


Both of these powerhouses have mental abilities and are both mostly passive, except for Superman's weird super hypnosis thing, but the Hulk is resistant to some types of mental suggestion, so we will call this one a tie as well. But we will see what happens in "Age of Ultron" as far as the Scarlet Witch goes.


Hulks and Superman's resistance are somewhere in the ballpark of each other. Superman can withstand an atomic blast and fly through a star and the hulk can withstand an atomic blast as well as man made artillery. I may have to give it to the boy scout on this one if he decides to throw Hulk into a star but Hulk is able to resist extreme cold and i'm kind of on the fence about this one. We will come back to this one.


OK, so we have super speed up next and the Hulk isn't the fastest car on the track if you know what I mean. Superman clearly has the advantage in this area if he can make it count. If Superman can hit Hulk fast and hard enough to render him unconscious or dare I say it, kill him, then superman has the advantage. But Hulk could counter Superman's speed with getting angry he cant catch Superman and hit him with a thunderclap or ground pound or something. But i'll give this on the Supes.

Hulk -2, Superman -2

Superman's enhanced vision and hearing would give him the edge on sneaking up on Hulk but I don's see how that could help him in a hand to hand pound for pound fight, so I think these abilities aren't of much use in this fight.

Alright, so back to the resistance thing...idk. I'm still on the fence about this one. I think that with Hulks adaptability ability (that redundant?) he would survive fighting superman in space. And his resistance to extreme cold and heat would keep him from freezing in deep space and burning up in a I think this would be a tie too...just too many scenarios and variables.


So there you have it. I think that if the Incredible Hulk went toe to toe, head to head, they would go the distance and it would end in a draw. Although I still think that...
This is a picture I drew btw. :)
This is a picture I drew btw. :)

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