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Well, I am a kid of the 90s and so I've had the fortunate childhood to enjoy some pretty kickass animated tv shows. The lack of good animated tv shows today made me dig these up and surprisingly many still hold up the charm they had back then and I would want to start with "Phantom 2040", one of my first memories of tv and a pretty badass one at that.

The show starts with Kit Walker Jr. who realizes that he is the descendant of the Phantom, a crimefighter who many believe to be a ghost since the early 1500s but is in fact a legacy superhero descended from over 20 previous generations of superhero. This show played with the mythos such that the Phantom focused on wasn't the 21st Phantom, who is usually the titular hero in most comic strips and the infamous dud of a movie, but the 24th one. This allowed them to borrow elements from the traditional & already rich source material and take it into unexpected directions.

The voice talent in the show was great: Scott Valentine voiced an inexperienced Phantom perfectly while Margot Kidder(Superman 1-4) played the series antagonist Rebecca Madison. The dystopic world was rich with supporting characters and one of my favorites is Doctor Jak voiced by the voice-over favorite Mark Hamill. Mark puts a very J.Jonah Jameson spin to this character and still makes it feel unique. Honorable mentions also go to Maxwell Madison Jr. & Hubert Graft voiced by Jeff Bennet & Ron Perlman (Hellboy & Pacific Rim). The series was a critical hit because of it's brilliantly crafted out characters courtesy of the great Peter Chung (Aeoun Flux). The series lasted 2 seasons and inspired a modestly produced 90s video game and a Marvel comic-book of the same name. If you're into some good sci-fi entertainment I would definitely recommend checking this out on Youtube where I recently rediscovered this great show.

Here's the trailer to get you pumped:


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