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Daniel Cawley

This is one of the longest debated fights in all of history, Fans constantly fighting and explaining why either Marvel or DC superheroes would win.

Lets place a few rules so that are true fans won't go pulling out random facts and versions of the superheros. First off this fight should consist of the newest and best from each side, and evenly matched fairly. These are superheros so they wouldn't be looking for blood, but in this case we will say they are fighting to the death. And each side has 3 days to prepare for this battle. ( THESE TWO THINGS ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE OUTCOME OF THIS FIGHT, BLOODLUST AND PREPARATION WILL COME IN HANDY ) The fight will take place in an abandoned city, so no casualties. ( Other than the superheroes ). Lastly this fight will take place on earth.


MatchUps- I'll be doing a general match-up and will give a general outcome later.

Superman ( ) VS Hulk

Based off these results the winner would be Superman, way more intellectual than the Green Beast, and has way more abilities that can kill Hulk of course not without a strong fight.

Wonder Woman VS Thor,manual-

I also agree with their idea on the winner. Wonder Woman is a little bit faster than Thor and has better training under her cuffs.

Batman VS Captain America-,manual

My reason for the win is that, batman has a contingency plan for everyone and anything he would already know how to take down his opponent.

Cyborg VS Hawkeye & Blackwidow-

I didn't have a lot to go on for this match-up but the win for this would go to Hawkeye and Black Widow for the fact they are a dynamic duo that is strong and smart enough to take cyborg down but not without a fight, but the problem is they would have to face SUPERMAN, WONDERWOMAN AND BATMAN. SO WHOS THE REAL WINNER.

Green Lantern VS Ironman

The win would go to Green Lantern for have better overall weapons.


In reality the DC Universe has way more overpowered characters than the Marvel Universe, 3 DC characters ( Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman ) could probably take down all of the Avengers and X-men. There abilities are really strong and there fighting styles are the best of the best and because of this DC has the upper hand in winning battles against Marvel. I AM A MARVEL FAN AND A DC FAN and the facts are there, DC heroes can beat Marvel Characters.


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