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Looking back it doesn’t seem all to long ago, yet my hindsight clouded a dreary haze oh things I’ve done, things I know. I’m the last remaining source of our worlds history. A history I once sought to destroy for the sake of knowledge, now my reasoning is seen not just unjust, but foolish. I must account all factions of this world, until there is no world left. Saviors fallen with time, and age, even the greatest of men, the very source of the birth of my creation. Krypton has fallen, it’s race gone like so many others. Most life as am I, left is inorganic a vision of science. We have out lived our creator’s. Lived in peace for many years, but now a force has risen from the past to renounce our future in a rapport of true evil. Brains a being composed of two of this earth’s great rival’s titanic machinery controlled by the horrid mind’s of Lex Luthor and Hugo Strange. In truth their existence doesn’t serve as a threat. Yet rather the Red Sun conjured from the dna of Clark Kent himself A ruthless, mindless drown of a killer destroying the only form of life we have left. Genetically enhanced immune to the harm of Kryptonite. In desperation I destroyed our sun seeing it’s use no dyer need in our state of life. Amazed to only realize they’ve constructed a sun of their own producing pure red energy amplifying his already god like powers to that even beyond my vast comprehension. I must recapture my vile. I must travel to a realm of sweat and sinners to study the art of a killer. This world has been pure far to long the first drop of blood in ages will dampen the streets like rain. This abomination must be stopped, and to do so I Brainiac will need the mind of a killer for examination to destroy this monster once and only. To do so I must seek the greatest killer known to man, a monster of his own caliber, Cletus Kassady and with his retch a new dawn will emerge from chaos, from carnage A triumph melting the steel right off of his bones.

“I never said I like the way I am, I just am. For as long as my hairs been red I’ve had these impulses, maybe I’m just trying to match the hues. Paint the town bring a little passion to my art whether it be the rose of your cheeks while my hand wrap around your throat, that last bit of light before your skin goes white and lifeless, or even the buckets of red that poor out your vanes sprouting like blooming roses. I just know it’s a itch I need to scratch like some faggot swallowing dick like my whore mother, or some overweight bastard that always the best friend and never the boyfriend so he kills his self slowly with the only friends he has left, calories and cholesterol.” “What do you want from me?” “Shut it! A romance of the blade slicing, staining carving them like pumpkins tricks on you, it’s my treat.” “Please I’m a mother, please untie me, please just let me go, I just want to see my baby, my baby boy. He just turned eight, Damien honest mister you can’t do this to me!” “Even through all your whimpering I did hear a bit of truth. You are a mother, I know this to be a fact.” “Momma…momma, I can’t see nothing momma where are you. Where are we? I’m scared momma.” “No, no let him go, please do whatever you’d like to me, but please let my baby live. I beg of you, I beg of you.” “Tisk, tisk, tisk you’re contradicting yourself darling, one minute the boy needs you, the next you’re just another little lamb up for slaughter. You can’t have it both ways love. You can’t have it any way. Your life ends tonight.” “No stop! Please! No!” “Momma, Momma!” “Oh the excitement you’re so excited you’re turning red, now lets paint the town.”

“You fool! How dare you disrupt my work? You can’t imagine the multitude of your action’s!” “Welcome Carnage to Conduit a realm between time and reality void of life crafted for just such an occasion as this” “Who’re you?” “In a different time of a different world I was once known as Brainiac, yet in recent year’s I’ve dawned a new mantra to match my new cause. Ulti harbinger of globe. “ “Great, now I know just how your epitaph will read, admittedly I do hold experience on the subject.” He became in drenched with a red liquid as horrific as his human nature crafting a slue of weapons from his finger’s razor sharp serrated blades, rapid firing riffles, chained axes a true being of killing potential. His weapon started firing with great force, but I quickly raised my energy shields and planned to mount an attack of my own, yet before I realized the chain of his axe has found it’s way around my neck.

He yanked lunging me while leaping blade out ready to leave my head rolling. He could feel the death of me, but no a simple tactic, I just wanted him close, close enough to touch me. In the slightest moment a raise of my hand to his chest and a delivery 10,000 bolt’s of electricity. His body oozes into different shapes mid air pulsating with each charge, until finally…Burst! Simpler than I imagined I gather a few vial’s to seek my reward the symbiote gene and with it a new technology will emerge, one with the final killing edge needed to destroy the Red Sun. Subject sedated. A cosmic liquid structure, color red, origins unknown, species unknown, movement…detected.

“Tisk, tisk, tisk this isn’t the prom beakers you won’t put me to bed that easy. Now let‘s just see how long those arms are, how many tricks you can fit under those sleeves” He began rising, not in one place, yet all around me like a red mist radiating of the ground lunging at me with his half step crawl grinning at me with his barreled ravage teeth and his claws like fish hooks ready to reel me in. A shatter of the vial as a arm grabbed at my neck, only to be melted away by my faisers, an army before me calls for my own. I Ascend above them generating copies of my self with my nano technology. We now fill the sky like a flock of birds. Falcons ready to ravage. We dive at great speeds as they leap at us meeting mid air and war ensues. A ballet of cybernetics and symbioes a mural of laser fire, toxic web, and a scatter of casualties. We were both in each others head. "No one has ever loved you the only thing you bring to this world is pain, and suffering" "You let the world to die, your gods have failed as so will you." "As much as you like to hide you’d love a real life, but it’s lost lost in a world of violence." "Die, die, die, die! You will never be human, no matter how man lives you save, you will never have one of your own." A sea of blood and oil bodies piled like last weeks laundry. The battle could of lasted a life time, but instead I took the sky for the final blow. “Operation 9376310.” A number of my children self destructed creating a sonic blast leaving his remains stagnant, begging to make puddles around me. “Operation 6793210547.” my reaming doubles burst into flames dissolving all but a single cell captured in a sound oscillating tube to control its growth. Like my nemesis I will fix it’s weakness connecting it’s structure to my chemistry freeing the world of the Red Sun.

I nearly forgot the darkness of our world, the artificial light can only do so much. I reach to my side to examine my prize. “The world, the world is…doomed.” “You’re all to right beakers.” The chain, the chain when it wrapped around my neck he seeped into my circuitry. Laid there dormant waiting for the perfect chance to make me his prey. I’ve failed the world is lost…the world is lost


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