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It is no longer a rumor that [Marvel](channel:932254) made a deal with Sony to bring Spider-Man into the Avengers movies. Sadly for Andrew Garfield, Marvel wants to start a new with the franchise, meaning that we will see someone new in the red and blue outfit going by the name of Peter Parker. The the truth is, Spider-Man doesn't have to be Peter Parker! Over the years, other characters have taken up the Spider-Man mantle, so it's possible Marvel could go with one of those incarnations. One of those incarnations is female.

May Parker is her name and she happens to be the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker. What you didn't know Peter had a daughter, don't worry neither did I until i was going some research! So here's how she came about:

In the '90s, Mary Jane was pregnant to her first child which forced Peter gave up Spider-Man-ing because being a super hero is too dangerous for a parent. While things didn't turn out so great for the pregnancy in the ordinary Marvel Universe, Marvel published a comic about the alternate reality adventures of Peter's grown-up daughter, May Parker. She inherited her father's spider powers and began fighting crime as Spider-Girl.

It would be cool to see a female take on the role as the iconic super hero, while it will be awesome to see Spider-Girls back story on the big screen. Maybe Marvel could use May Parker in its upcoming films as someone filling in for the retired Peter Parker? This way, they could say the old Spider-Man movies happened in the past, and have May join the current Avengers. Also, the Avengers could use a few more female members don't you think.


What do you think about the idea?


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