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Jerome Bobier

Last February 9, 2015, Marvel Studios announced that Spider-man would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For fans like me, it was the news that the world was waiting for. Now the only question is: "How would Marvel introduce him in the MCU?" Marvel has already announced that they won't go with the "Origin Story" because people around the world had already seen it TWO times. But in my opinion, they should use that origin story as a tease for Spider-man. Here's my idea.

Let's say that the Avengers: Age of Ultron or even Ant-man has two end credit scenes. Marvel Studios should use one of those end credit scenes (I suggest that they should use the scene at the Very end) to introduce the Wall-Crawler.

It starts by showing a field trip of a high school with one student taking pictures of the exhibits of the laboratory. (Note: They won't show the face of the kid. Kinda looks like the picture below where the camera covers most of the face and the audience would a hard time to see the remaining uncovered part of his face because the camera would have a flash)

Now, with the flash of that teens's camera, the point of view of the audience would be on a web on the ceiling of the laboratory. Now the studio can end it there. They can stop there. Done. Period. End of story. Why? Because it will foreshadow the origin of Spidey. The audience will have a nice tease of Spider-man and at the same time, given that the studio doesn't have a confirmed actor for the Wall-Crawler, they son't need to show us the face of Peter Parker at the end credit scene. It will give them more time for the casting of the character. But wait there's more!

If you are not satisfied with that tease, let's continue, shall we? The Marvel Studio can continue further with the tease. From the web, a spider would go down to the arm of the teenager while he is taking pictures of the exhibits.

Now as it lands on the arm of the teenager, the camera will zoom in it.

And when the camera finally zoomed enough to the face of the spider.......

BAM! SPIDER BITE!!!! When the spider has already bitten the hand, that's when the scene turns to black and the Marvel Studios logo will show up at the end.

The studio can use both ideas for they can be used to foreshadow the arrival of Spidey in the MCU. Again, they don't need to show the actor because for sure they don't have an official guy to play the role.

Why I think the idea is good:

  • The Studio doesn't need to tell the origin story in Spidey's movie but they can use that to tease Spider-man in their movie.
  • I believe that this would be an awesome end credit scene.
  • Regular Moviegoers would be informed that Spidey will be joining the ranks of the Avengers in their future films.

Even if the studio won't go this way, it's ok. The only thing that matters is that Spidey is back and the once "impossible" dream came true. Spider-man is now joining the MCU.


Is this a good way to tease/introduce Spider-Man in the MCU?


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