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Deadpool, Deadstroke, and Deadshot

Three awesome mercenaries and antiheros, 2 DCs, 1Marvel, although deadstroke and deadshot are really cool characters they dont pass from there while deadpool, ohhhh Deadpool he is a whole other story, he can teleport, and one of the only things that could put him down for good would be thanos thanos, but I am not going to get into that, Deadpool could take down deadshot and deadstroke at the same time no sweat, for gods sake he could take down the whole Marvel and DC universe at the same time, Deadpool is one of the most OP characters in the history of superheroes antiheroes mercenaries villians and anythimg you can think of, Deadpool has become very popular lately but I, I have liked him eversince I was a little kid I mean 6 year old little kid I first saw him in a videogame dont really remember which one but I loved to play as him he was my favorite character as a kid I still like him but I started to notice he became too mainstream so I stoped liking him so much, he is now a well known mercenary so many may think this is just dumb to write about but it is the truth. He is the most awesome hero in the world and nothing will ever change that, I recently came up with an article that said deadpool was finally dying this April, he is trully the most powerfull being in the whole world, that where you might come across Dbz this is a whole new level of characters which I might write about some day the most epic battle wouldnt be Marvel vs. DC it would be Marvel vs......Dragonball, that is a movie worth watching, but if I had to choose between one of the most common questions asked in the whole world I would obiously choose...Marvel, because that is what I grew up with.


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