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Brendon Fosters

If you have seen HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA you will love these news.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 is finally coming out soon. If you haven't seen the movie here is a little reminder what happened in the first movie.

After Cont Dracula's wife Marta dies, he decides to builds a five star hotel to raise his daughter Mavis; and to save monsters from the humans. Unfortunately a humans somehow finds the hotel, but he don't know that the monsters are real. Jonathan has been caught by Dracula. He gave him some fake clothes and started to call him Johnnystein. Dracula says to everybody the he is the cousin of Frank's right arm. After Johnystein showed her the beauty of the sunrise, Mavis decides to give an another chance to the humans. She goes to the nearest village, but she don't knows that the village has been built by his own dad to raise fear in her against the humans. Between Mavis and Jonathan happened the ,,Zing'' (feeling between two monsters (in this case between monster and human), which is a once in a lifetime thing). After the monsters hears that there is a human in the hotel everybody starts to checkout, and Jonathan wants to leave Transylvania. When Dracula sees that his daughter's life got empty without Jonathan, he starts to chase him. Finally Dracula sees that humans are not that kind that they were in the past. He returns with Jonathan, and realizes, that his daughter has grown up.

But let's be short. The new trailer is awesome :)


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