ByZack Nicholson, writer at
Zack Nicholson

Captain america vs Batman!

This is a fight I've often imagined before and no one can deny it would be an extremely close fight. We have two great Heros at the stand off.

In black corner we have an intelligent, skilled, resourceful man in a suit of armour and a numerous amount of Gadgets.

Whilst in the red, what and Blu corner we have the super soldier! Strategic, strong, fast, agile, brave and let's not forget he doesn't skip leg day!

Winner? THE CAP!

In a Toe to toe fight using all there resources it wouldn't be long before the Bat ran out of gadgets to use against CA. Now I'm not saying it wouldn't be close but if you take into account Caps strength and speed, his healing factor and of course his shield, he would have the upper hand. Cap can go all day where as Batman would eventually get tired and get sloppy after all he is just a man. Cap would be able to block and dodge anything the bat threw at him.

Obviously Batman has all his different fighting techniques and styles but I doubt it would be enough to match up.

And that's why I think Captain America would win.


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