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That's right. Thanks to new information I believe we are going to see Damian Wayne in Arrow and possibly the new Teen Titans series, and maybe even more...

Now the reason why I believe this is true is for a number of reasons:

1. The producers of Arrow and The Flash have confirmed that, 'new heroes will be coming to life.' Now, this has Damian Wayne written all over it. He could appear as a hero or a friend.

2. The producers also said: 'There will also be some unexpected villains.' The rumors are that Damian will be a villain. Plus they said that the baddies would be unexpected - could that mean Damian? Considering he is actually a hero a.k.a. Robin. This would definitely be unexpected!

3. As there are going to be a lot of new DC TV shows going on, e.g. The new Supergirl series. Along with Teen Titans. There is clearly enough room for Damian in the TV universe, as he is a founding member of the Teen Titans. Giving us the idea he will be in the TV universe, and that TV will be integrating with each other (Arrow and The Flash). We should see him mixing in other shows and see him (possibly) be introduced in Arrow.


As Damian will be in the Teen Titans series. Doesn't that mean we could see more with the Teen Titans?

That's right! We could be seeing certain members coming to [The Flash](series:1068303) or [Arrow](series:720988), like Cyborg, Beast Boy and many more. Opening a whole world of heroes to be showcased in all the TV series going on. We could even see Supergirl - as her series has been confirmed and already started filming - she could also appear and be introduced to Arrow and The Flash.

Now, this could work! If we can have all of this going on, then couldn't it lead to one huge series or storyline? Perhaps.

It makes sense considering the heroes we could be getting and the heroes we already have. Green Arrow, Flash, Captain atom, Firestorm, Supergirl... and those are just the heroes that are already in filming or have been filmed. We could still see so much more!




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