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At first,this my first ever post here in and I would like to thank them for giving people chances to post......Forgive me if there is something wrong!

So,Captain America-The Winter Soldier,the most awesome movie from Marvel and one of the best Marvel movie.....after Guardians Of the Galaxy!! I watched the movie again today and had seen something interesting....that thing was just incredible..Remember the scene?When HYDRA locked down targets with the Helicarrier and was about to fire??at that moment they had locked down a tower and which was actually.....

Oooooooooh.....The Avengers Tower 2.0!!!!
Oooooooooh.....The Avengers Tower 2.0!!!!

Well some may noticed it and some may not.....but this was too much awesome!!We have all seen this tower in Avengers-Age Of Ultron trailer#3..

Avengers-Age Of Ultron will arrive in theaters May 1, 2015.


So what do you think guys?Is it really the Avengers Tower?


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