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Hancock 2 Needs To Be Happening ..Cause We Need A Squeal..

What Is needed...

Hancock 2 should be on different track including more super villains.As in the first edition of film we have seen the lead villain Eddie Marsan as Red ..There Must Villains With super powers Such As:

  • Reverse Hancock An Alien Prototype of Hancock created by a Mad scientist in order to conquer the world

  • ALIEN ARMY Hancock Vs Aliens Who Are trying to destroy Earth....

  • ORIGINATION STORY The origin story of Hancock and Mary.


Director Peter Berg said prior to Hancock 's release that if the film pulls in as much business as predicted, a sequel, Hancock 2, would likely follow. After the film's release on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, actor Will Smith said that there was ongoing discussion about a possible sequel, "The ideas aren't developed, but we are building out an entire world; I think people are going to be very surprised at the new world of Hancock." In August 2009, Columbia Pictures hired screenwriters Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to write the sequel, and the studio plans to bring back the producing team from the original film.Charlize Theron confirmed that she would reprise her role, and Berg said to expect a third actor to star as another figure with powers like Smith's and Theron's characters.
guys We loved this movie and a sequel is deserved..


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