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“You haven’t slept Master Bruce..” said Alfred entering the Bat-Cave with a tray in his hand carrying breakfast. “One night’s sleep won’t kill me, Alfred” said Batman cutting him off in the middle without taking his eyes of the monitor reading reports on someone named Red Skull. “…for 3 nights” finished Alfred. “I know how but I still don’t understand why, has Dick returned yet?” said Batman ignoring Alfred’s concern as it wouldn’t be the first or last time.

The last time he was this focused was when Ivy had taken control of Superman and he had to take him down in Metropolis. But this wasn’t Metropolis or New York, it was Gotham. It was his own playground. His city and his fort. But unlike Superman, this man didn’t have any abnormal weaknesses. In fact, he was very vulnerable to everything same as all human weaknesses but in a different way. He could heal faster, run faster and hit faster. Unlike so many others, this opponent was very similar to himself. He was after-all a human but with super-human strengths. He still wasn’t sure how he was going to take him down. Sure, he had many plans but it was unlike him to go undecided. He was still waiting for a confirmation from Nightwing.

“Master Dick returned 20 minutes ago and is now having his breakfast in the study” replied Alfred. “He should have met me right away” said Batman getting up and turning off the monitor. He took off his mask and went to changing room. He came out wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt and went off towards the Manor. “I shall wait here for you, while this breakfast gets cold” said Alfred with barely a sarcastic tone in his voice. “I’ll eat something on the way, I’m in a hurry” replied Bruce Wayne. “Not with the mask, you won’t”.

He had arrived that morning into this strange city of Gotham. To define it in words, it was a creepy place. Even in the broad daylight the city had a darkness over it. You couldn’t help but feel a little worried in the dark streets whether there was any other human presence or not. But not him, he was on a mission. He had finally discovered who the Red Skull was. It was his life mission. To find this man and to bring him to justice. He was after all The Captain America. He would have looked very comical in the dark streets of Gotham wearing his bright blue costume had it not been night time. Now it looked eerie. Like a man on fire. Blue fire. He wasn’t sure where to find him but that was not his concern right now. He somehow knew he would come looking for him so he need not waste him time on it. And sure enough he didn’t have to wait long.

“Rogers..” said a voice from the dark shadows of the street. “Batman” replied Captain America without any hint of emotion. “Of all the places in the world ..” started Batman but before he had finished he had to duck if he wanted to save his head. Captain had thrown his shield at him with full force without paying any attention to what he was saying and started to run towards him. Before he could get up something hard hit his left arm from the back like a rocket, it was Captain’s shield coming back rebounding from the wall behind him. It did minimum damage but leaving a gash. He was wasting his time, he’d have to move faster. In a split-second he had he grapple gun out and now flying upwards. Before rogers could reach where he was, Batman was sitting on the Gargoyle on the corner of building top and 3 small Batarangs coming right at him. Captain held up his shield to save himself from the Batarangs.

Next came Batman himself flying towards him like a giant bat and to hit him with a flying-kick aimed towards his chest but Captain blocked it with his right-arm and kicked Batman squarely in the chest. The force of the kick was strong enough to break several ribs of Batman but the Kevlar suit protected him. In a flash, Captain hit his near-indestructible shield with all his force but Batman rolled over in time and the shield hit the ground leaving cracks. Batman was up again and punched Captain which hit him in the arm. A normal punch wouldn’t have mattered, Captain was stronger than that but Batman had activated his Shock Gloves. The high bolt of electricity hit Captain and he was lifted off ground for a second but before he could fell he rolled in the air kicked Batman at the side of his chest. A few broken ribs for sure this time, Batman thought to himself. “Alfred, now!” Batman shouted and all the lights went out in the street. “Welcome to the Gotham, Captain” Batman said out of Darkness. Captain was blinded and he couldn’t see. But not Batman. Darkness was his ally. Captain heard shots nearby of a gun but no bullets hit him. Instead, he was hit by several ropes binding his both legs and also his both arms to his sides. And a tiny tinge on his neck. He fell to the ground, lights came back but everything was blurry. Before he lost all his senses he heard Batman say, “We will fix you, Captain” and then everything went dark again.


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