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Superman crashed in an ally way and stumbled out. The sun shown on his face. He breathed in deep. He quickly recovered but he wasn't used to what he was experiencing. Pain. He used his x-ray vision to see through the city only to find the strange, green beast bounding towards him, knocking down several buildings on the way.

How can I stop this thing, he thought. It seemed that with every blow, every devastating punch, he only become stronger. He had tried everything from tying him up, to putting him in the center of the earth. Superman knew he could keep this up, but his city was dying. It seemed like every other building was now on the ground. He asked for the Flash's help in evacuating the people but it just wasn't good enough. People were still cowering away trying to grab what they can from they're, once beautiful, city.

This green hulk was seconds away from impact. Superman quickly dodged and let him crash into another building. It tumbled down on top of him. He sprung up out of the rubble and looked around like an animal. It appeared he had gotten bigger since they both started fighting.

"HULK SMASH!" screamed the beast, slamming his fists down and creating a crater.

The Hulk started to charge. This time Superman wasn't going to let him destroy more of his city. He threw a punch and there was a giant boom. The sound carried all the way to Smallville.

The Hulk went flying and Superman screamed. He looked down at his hand to see that it was broken. It quickly healed but now he was angry. And he knew that this Hulk would not like him when he was angry.

Superman flew/jumped and landed on top of the Hulk. He started to pound him into the ground, throwing punch after punch, kicking whenever he could, using his laser beams to burn his flesh but the monster kept fighting back. Superman pulled back because he noticed he was nearing a tectonic plate. The Hulk took the opportunity and threw Superman across the city causing him to crash into several buildings along the way.

It was then that Superman knew there was only one way to stop him. Superman waited for the Hulk to charge. He did not want to rush what he needed to do next. Once the Hulk reached him they sparred for a little bit as Superman tried to make himself do what needed to be done. Superman then forced himself to do it. He put the poor creature in the choke hold, closed his eyes, and twisted the animals neck.

The Hulk dropped to the ground. Superman waited there a few seconds and then plopped down on a pile of, what used to be, a building. He sat there for a moment. He had done something he promised he would never do. And yet... he did it. Superman put his hands to his face. He did not know how long he sat there but eventually reporters were surrounding him. He ignored the flashing lights and questions. He wouldn't even answer Lois's questions.

He slowly stood up and started to walk away. And then he saw where the Hulk took his last breath, there was a man. Not very muscular. Laying where the Hulk was. He stared for a couple second and then began to walk on. Superman did not feel like flying today.


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