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Over the years I have see a lot of Mortal Kombat games come and go. Some good some not so good. I must say this year is the best one so far to date. Everything is better, from the visuals to the fighting. The fatalities are a work of pure art down to its autonomy. The story, full and rich as are the characters with in there own environments. Now lets take a step back from all of this and ask some questions.

What could make this better for all of us? I remember years ago they came out with Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. It was released in October 2006. It was suppose to be final chapter in the original Mortal Kombat storyline. It had 62 characters in all. There is one thing about this game that really stood out about it and that was creating a fighter. There were a number of options there in doing this and so many different combinations available. I must declare I do miss that.

This Brings me back to the question I first asked. What could make this better for all of us? I say bring back creating a fighter. I know lot games have it but that one was very detailed for its time. You could even give your charterer fighting moves.

To improve a pone that would just sweeten the deal for the gamer out there but I feel it needs to stand out. I know lot people are raving about the new DBZ and that's fine. That game is cool too. There difference games but both are still fighting games. Make it special. If any of you have any thing to add pleases do.

Here are few characters i feel would be cool bring in the new DLC mortal kombat X. i would not mind seeing freddy again as long as its the real one.


Do you think Mortal Kombat X needs Little more


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