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Well guys, with less than a month til Mortal Kombat X is released, I am going to talk about the latest news about the latest characters, DLC and other things in the game. Beware of possible spoilers. Lets get started.

First off, the identity of Sub-Zero has been revealed to be Kuai Liang. He is seen in MK9 searching for Scorpion, who killed his older brother. He was then captured by the Lin Kuei and turned him into a cyborg. Later on, he rejoins the good people of Earthrealm in the fight against Shao Kahn. He, along with most of the Earthrealmers were killed by Sindel and enslaved by Quan Chi. He is now free from the enslavement and restored to human form. He is now the grandmaster of the Lin Kuei.

Sonya and Johnny are both joining their daughter in all the action. They have both been confirmed in the Cage family trailer. Jax was also seen in the trailer but his appearence was like a devil. Chances are he is still in Quan Chi's enslavement or it is his new design.

There are loads of characters seen in the cinematics for the 10 minute gameplay. I have got a feeling we will see Nightwolf, Smoke, Stryker, Kabal and Fujin in the game as they were seen in the cinematics. My theory is that all four characters will still be in the hands of Quan Chi or they will be restored to human form. As for Fujin, I presume he will be joining Raiden and the gang as they fight to stop Quan Chi and Shinnok and their plans to own Earthrealm and Outworld.

Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th has been confirmed to be the first DLC Character for the game. He was originally going to be the guest for MK9 but he was replaced by Freddy Krueger. Fans have been wanting Jason as a guest for a long time so finally, we have him. The Kombatant Pack is said to feature 2 Klassic Kombatants and 2 guests. Predator and Spawn have been rumored for the game so maybe one of them could get that spot.

Other characters that are rumored to appear are Cyrax, Rain, Sindel, Baraka and Liu Kang. Rain, Sindel and Baraka are likely candidates as we have proof in the story trailer. (Sindel is seen fighting the special forces group, There are loads of guards that are the same species as Baraka hinting at his possible appearence and Rain was seen kicking Kotal Kahn off the roof, even though in the comics he is seen badly burned by Kotal but he could have survived) As for Liu Kang, he has been rumored but he is not seen in any of the trailers so with a less than a month to go, it may be unlikely that he will appear but I hope he does.

What do you guys think about all of this exciting news. Please comment down below.


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