ByRain Go, writer at

We all know and love at one point in our life Ronan Atkinson's portrayal mo the lovable character Mr. Bean with his hilarious antics and goofy style.

But what if Mr. Bean is not your average goofy guy? What if he is an alien sent from another planet? Here is some theory for you:

1. He almost always utter giberish or weird sounds, never speaking a full sentence.

2. He walks differently.

3. He always talks to teady like its a living thing. My theory is that teady might be a video or radio transmitter that transfers information to whoever.

4. He is always curious and everything amazes him even the smallest things.

5. He doesn't have any close or childhood friend, no family or relatives. Also no history of him having any job.

6. Always love making weird faces and facial expressions.

7. I also notice that during the opening of his show, a beam of bright light from above appears and then he falls down from above. Could it be a spaceship beaming him down? Could it be that he is sent here to observe the ways of us humans and learn from our culture?

This is just my observation and theory, for funs sake. Thanks for reading this. Have a good day.


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