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If you're a big Ranger fan like me, then you probably watch original videos of the rangers of old or, even better, you sometimes watch the new ones that come on Nickelodeon.

Let's take a look at the newest force of Rangers, [Power Rangers](movie:1408875) Dino Charge. This is the 22nd season of the Rangers and the 3rd Ranger force to appear on Nickelodeon, alongside Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce. Yes, I know about Super Samurai and Super Megaforce, but their basically even-more-powered-up versions of the one before.

First, Dino Charge is definitely different than any of the other Rangers before. There's the Megazord, for example. You'd suspect that all five Rangers would combine their zord to create the Megazord. Not this time. This season, the Megazord is only composed of three of the Rangers' Zords. Though, of course, even if they switch out Zords, the Rangers remain in the Megazord cockpit.

See what I mean?
See what I mean?

Next, the battle cry, the speech they make before morphing into battle mode. Over the years, their battle cry usually relates to their force. For example, Power Rangers In Space: "Let's rocket!" Power Rangers RPM "RPM, get in gear!" Power Rangers Dino Thunder: "Dino Thunder, POWER UP!" Instead, Dino Charge says "Unleash the power!" Something simple, y'know? And I don't mind a little change.

Next, the Rangers themselves. Usually, there are maybe a few of the Rangers that are not too into training, like Mike, the Green Samurai Ranger, or Dustin, the Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger. And we see that in Chase, the Black Dino Charge Ranger. And at the beginning of the show, Shelby, the Pink Dino Charge Ranger. But she makes up for it with her interest in going on the archeological dig. Plus, I got a pretty good idea why she got the Triceratops Energem. But I'll let you find out for yourself why she got it. Hint: her characteristics match up with the appearance of the Triceratops. Plus, the Rangers seem a little more realistic than the other Rangers that Nickelodeon had a part in.

And, finally, the colors. According to IMDb (under Trivia), they say that this is the first Ranger force to have a black Pink Ranger. While that is true, I really feel that that seems kind of racist. I mean, we've had a black Yellow Ranger (Aeyisha), we've had a black Red Ranger (Scott and TJ), we've had a black Black Ranger (Zach and Will), we've had a black Blue Ranger (TJ), and we've had a black Green Ranger (Damon and Joel). I think it wouldn't really matter what race you are, if you're a Ranger, you're a Ranger.

And, of course, the color again is very different. This is the first Ranger force to NOT have a Yellow Ranger. Though, I guess they'll make up for it when the Gold Ranger arrives.

So far, these Rangers have impressed me. My favorite character so far is Koda because the fact that he is a freakin' caveman. A caveman-turned-Ranger. I like it. I also like Kendall because if you watch the opening, you see her fighting off a force of Vivix, which kind of hints that there is potential for her being a Ranger in the future.

Anyway, that's all I got today. Watch Power Rangers: Dino Charge on Nick, Saturdays at 12:00. And don't forget to mark your calendar for July 2016, Lionsgate's & Saban's Power Rangers movie. See ya!


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