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Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen was a surgeon who found that modern science was insufficient to accomplish everything he wished to do, and so he turned to mysticism that his grandfather told him about. Becoming an accomplished adept at certain mystical arts, he was introduced to James McDonald Hudson, head of the Canadian government’s “Super-Agent” program, Alpha Flight, by Hudson’s wife.

As Shaman, Dr. Twoyoungmen became Hudson’s first recruit for Alpha Flight other than himself.

Following Alpha Flight’s disassociation with the Canadian government, Shaman agreed to remain a member.

Shaman has no superhuman physical powers, but is an above average athlete with limited knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. His superhuman capacities derive from his mystical knowledge and the “medicine pouch” which he carries. Shaman can perform a wide variety of magical feats, only a few of which have yet to be described.

Shaman can levitate by tapping the ambient mystical energy of the Earth. The speed at which he can traverse from point to point during levitation is not yet known.

First Appearance: X-Men #120


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