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We all know the most popular bat girl, Barbara Gordon, but there are many other characters who have helped the dark knight in his fight. Let's see the history of the bat girls!

#1- Betty Kane

This character was created by Sheldon Moldoff in 1961 during the golden age and was introduced as a love interesting of robin, but considering the decline in sales they decide to taker her out of the bat family. During the Crisis on Infinity Earths she was re connected out of existence.

#2- Katherine Kane

Created by Sheldon Moldoff and Bob Kane in 1956 made her firsts appearance in Detective Comics #233. Like Betty she was introduced as a love interesting for batman an actually Betty is the niece of Katherine. She appear during the 1950 and 1960 without great success of sales. In 1964 Julius Schwartz decided to eliminate her. She return in The new 52.

#3- Barbara Gordon

Created by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino made her first appearance in Detective Comics #359 (1967). She is the daughter of commissioner Gordon. She was in a party dress like a female version of batman when she saw that Bruce Wayne was being attacked by Killer Moth, she stop the villain and finds that she want to become a hero. She was the most popular bat girl until the joker shoot her in the waist and leave her in a wheel chair.

#4- Cassandra Cain

She made her first appearance in Batman #567 (1999). During No Man's Land, Cassandra Cain was given the role of Bat girl under the guidance of Batman and Oracle. Written as the daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, she is trained from early childhood to read human body language instead of developing verbal and written communication skills as part of her father's conditioning to mold her into the world's deadliest assassin. In my opinion she has the best suit.

#5- Stephanie Brown

She made her first appearance in Detective Comics #647 (1992). Stephanie Brown was formerly known as Spoiler and then as the first in-continuity female Robin until her apparent death in 2006. Following her return to comics in 2009, she assumed the role of Batgirl. She maintained this position until 2011, the relaunch of the DC imprint under The New 52. The character has not returned to DCU until Batman #28, as Spoiler.

#6- Helena Bertinelli ( The Huntress)

Yes, the one who appear in arrow was bat girl... For a brief time during 1999's No Man's Land story line, Helena Bertinelli assumed the mantle of Bat girl. After violating Batman's code against extreme violence, she was stripped of the mantle and returned to her alias of Huntress.

#7- Charlie Gage-Radcliffe

Her first appearance was on Birds of Prey #96. After Cassandra Cain abandoned the role a mystery character appeared as the new Bat girl in the Birds of Prey comic. Possessing superpowers, the teen claimed the empty mantle in an attempt to honor the character. However, Barbara Gordon quickly dissuaded the teen from continuing in the role. Charlie Gage-Radcliffe acquiesced, but modified her costume and changed her name to Misfit.

So who is your favorite bat girl and why? Leave your comment below. Thanks for watching!!!


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