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I'm sure we've all had this argument at some point and it can get pretty intense, but who really is the full package? This isn't a DC Vs Marvel, It's simply who overall is the batter man? (See what I did there)

Bruce Wayne

What to say about Bruce Wayne? Well he's Batman. It could be said that unlike his counterpart Iron Man he's a little more conservative about his hero identity. Yet on the other hand, he seems to feel the need to tell every women his "secret" so is it really that much of a secret identity anymore? Bruce and Batman are ladykillers so what's there to complain about? Plus that deep heavy smoker voice makes all the ladies knees shake.

Tony Stark

Tony, we'll as mentioned is all for letting everyone know who he is. Is it that he enjoys the attention and lime light? Or that he really just doesn't care? Dashing and funny, quite the opposite to his dark counterpart. Yet they both share money and being quite the womanisers in common. They really aren't so different perhaps neither is better? Maybe we have equal playing field when we take the suits off?


When we slaps those suits back on though is it fair and equal ground? Batman is pretty awesome and he has a killer suit and awesome gadgets (tumbler). Super skilled fighting and just overall badass voice how can we deny him top spot? Let's think about his flaws though, he does only watch over Gotham plus the whole no killing thing. I know it's good morals and everything but so many innocent lives would've been saved. Sometimes bad guys just have to go. Even with his flaws he's still awesome but is he better than Ironman?


We all know the suit is just magnificent as is the chest piece, overall just freaking awesome. He helps people all over the world, unlike his hermit friend who enjoys Gotham far too much to leave. He too has all the awesome suits and amazing technology(Jarvis), all in all pretty awesome it's undeniable. He has flaws too though, let's look at it this way without his suit he's pretty much powerless. That's pretty much enough said about that.

Okay, so I'm sure we can all agree that suits off gadgets down, Bruce Wayne would kick the living daylights out of Tony Stark. This cannot be denied, Wayne clearly has the upper hand being trained by the League of Shadows, Stark wouldn't stand a chance...or would he? Obviously Stark would put up a good fight, but in the end I think Wayne would come out on top.

We put the suits on and what happens? A pretty epic battle I'm sure, everyone would love to see it. Yet the big question is who would come out on top? You could say Ironman would just blast Batman into a million pieces, but batman is pretty damn good at fighting. Would it be a fair match? Who would win? Let us know what you all think.


Who would win?


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