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Minecraft is a brilliant, diverse game with a very easy plot, however would a Minecraft movie just ruin that element of adventure we know and love about Minecraft? Here is a list of the many reasons why a movie version of this game will fail terribly.

1. It's not coming out until after 2017

The movie is not coming out until after 2017, which means there is a large possibility that it may not be popular by the time of its release. It could mean a huge loss in budget, considering it is claimed to be large budget. The movie could just be an end to the Minecraft era.

2. It won't be as good as the game

With the game being consistently rated as one of the best games ever to be released, the movie will never have that simple element of ease, fun and overall simplicity.

3. It will be, how do you say, cheesy

The movie will look like all the other Minecraft cartoon videos on Youtube and so, it will look like it is just another spin off, that just happened to make it in to cinemas.

4. What can you do with it?

It is literally just gonna be this one guy going around punching trees and slaying zombies.

5. The block style

The style would just be boring, and unlike many games made in to movies, you can't look at it and go 'Damn, that scenery is too damn hot'. Instead you'll just be like. 'Wow, the sun is a block too'.

6. The Characters

Steve is no fun to play as, hence why we use skins, and now there is gonna be an entire movie about him? That is just terrible, and so uninventive.


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