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Well then The Interview i was really looking forward to see this movie since i saw the trailer in theaters.

I can say what made this movie become more popular then it already was is being the fact that it was Banned.

I can say i was going to go see in the the movie theater but all of the sudden i hear they won't be showing this because North Korea's Leader kim jong un said he was going to Blow up the movie theaters that shown the movie.

Well i can say i have seen the movie & i can understand why he was so pissed off by this movie.

I can say this movie was funny & the only reason worth watching this was to see James Franco & Seth Rogen back together they are the main highlight of the movie.

This movie did make me laugh to death just about every other minute but overall i was glad i didn't spend my money on this.

I thought the movie was okay but wasn't that good & i don't mind bad language but this movie sure did have a lot probably more then it should have.

I think the trailer makes it look really good but when you go see it well its not really the same it seemed to me they showed all of the funny parts from the film in the trailer & didn't leave to much for the movie.

Overall i can say this movie will make you laugh but i'm glad i didn't waste my money on it like my roommate did.

The only reason i would say to buy this if your a big fan of James or Seth if your not a fan of them then this is not the movie for you.


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