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Firefly's cancellation was television's biggest disaster. Few shows have the perfect blend of action, adventure, humor, and drama that the science-fiction show boasts. Better yet, it was created by Joss Whedon, the man who brought such delights as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers.

It's hard for me to admit, but Firefly is never going to be given a second chance. The show first aired thirteen years ago, and its cast are now busy with other projects. That doesn't mean that we Browncoats don't have a way to show our love of the 'Verse.

Firefly has made a major impact on our lives, and although the show no longer continues, we can continue to wave our Independent flag with these:

Board Games

If there's one thing that nerds love other than Firefly, it's gaming. That doesn't always have to mean video gaming. Even though there are currently no official Firefly games to speak of (but don't worry, they're coming), we can still spend time with Firefly board games.

In the actual Firefly board game, you get to captain your own Firefly ship and sail through the 'Verse, doing odd-jobs for classic characters like Patience and Niska, all with an ultimate end-goal in mind. You can hire your own crew, including the original Serenity crew, and use them to provide help during various jobs. There is danger in the 'Verse though, in the form of both Alliance cruise ships and the brutal Reavers. If you can manage to doge them and pull off enough jobs, you can try for the ultimate end-goal to win the game!

Along with the original board game, there are also Firefly variation of board game classics like Clue and Yahtzee!

Action Figures

Kick it old-school with classic action figures to re-enact your favorite scenes, or build your collection with Firefly action figures! While general rougher figures are currently avaliable, a legacy series is currently in production, showing a more detailed portrayal of our favorite characters. The legacy figures are set to come out later this year in May.

Everybody knows about pop figures now. These collectible bobble-heads have been modeled after nearly every nerd staple ever, from superheroes, to Disney, to Star Wars. Not to long ago, Firefly was added among the list of franchises as models of Mal, Wash, Zoe, Jane, and Kaylee were made. Now we just have to wait for Simon, River, Shepherd Book and Inara.

Television References

Chances are, you've seen something with Nathan Fillion in it. If it's not Firefly or Serenity, it could be Castle, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, or even The Big Bang Theory! During which, he always tends to reference his greatest success as Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

In Castle, references are made pretty often. Early on in the show during a Halloween episode, Castle dressed as a "space cowboy", while donning his trademark Captain Reynolds outfit. In Percy Jackson, he remarked how a Hercules television show was show, following with explaining how it was cancelled, just like Firefly was.


Although the series may not live on on the small-screen, Dark Horse comics has made sure that the story keeps on going. The comics give us a good look at how the crew handled various predicaments both before and after the events of the 2005 film Serenity. If you have any admiration for the show at all, I would get these comics right away. They bridge the gap perfectly from where the show left off. It even explains Shepherd Book's back-story, but I won't spoil that here.


Do you own any Firefly merch?


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