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As expected and at #1, the new Princess takes the crown as "Cinderella" earns a hefty 70.1 million for it's debut and well above expectations. Fair word-of-mouth on the film but should bring it past the 100 mil mark by mid-week. New at #2 is the action film "Run All Night" with 11.2 mil almost spot on with expectations. Slight drop to #3 is "Kingsman: The Secret Service" with another 6.2 mil and passes the 100 mil mark. Drop to #4 is "Focus" with an extra 5.8 mil and it struggles to reach the 50 mil mark. Rounding off the top 5 with a big drop is "Chappie" with another 5.8 mil and all around major box office disappointment.

New movies next week:
A few movies coming up this week and the big one is "Divergent Series: The Insurgent" although I think they are just going with "Insurgent" for the most part. Close to 4000 screens and expected to hit around 60+ million with Spring Break season in full swing. Up next in about 2800 screens is "The Gunman" and could hit around the 10 mil area. In limited wide-release is "Do You Believe?" with about 1300 screens and expected to hit just a couple of mil but could surprise some with a couple of extra mil. This film could open better if it were in early April instead of now.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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