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"Harry Potter", "The Hunger Games", and "Twilight" are all popular books that turned into insanely movies and spawned more than three movies and turned a final book into a two part finale. This seems to be the popular thing among movies and it wouldn't be shocking if comic book movies decided to do the same. Fox is lucky enough to have the X-Men franchise that has a plethora of classic stories that could turn into yearly movies and instant classics. In the last ten years have been no different. [Marvel](channel:932254)'s Mutant Heroes have continued to put out classics that could easily follow the five part movie theme.

Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon:

Cyclops had a bad year. Possessed by Apocalypse, his wife finds out that he is mentally cheating on her with a telepath that was a former enemy turned teammate, the school is destroyed by Magneto, his wife Jean Grey dies wife (again), and Professor Xavier decides to not rebuild the school and leave. This left Scott Summers to make his own decisions about how to run the X-Men. For the first time, Cyclops was completely in charge.

Cyclops starts by pointing out that the X-Men have saved the world more times than they can count, but they still get treated like monsters or Magneto's waiting to happen. So Cyclops put together a team that would start to become more proactive so the public would realize that the X-Men were heroes. No longer would they sit and only defend the world against mutant threats and threats to mutants. His team would go out and protect the world just like [The Avengers](movie:9040) and Fantastic Four do. So, with Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Beast, and Wolverine, Cyclops would go out and start to show the world what he already knew to be rue. That the X-Men were just as good, if not better, than an hero out there.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Astonishing X-Men
Ladies and gentlemen, The Astonishing X-Men

So, what makes this run so special? First, it's the perfect balance of every emotion. Like most comic books should, there is humor. Wolverine plays his role as cynical [email protected]$$ perfect. Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde have a hate/hate relationship that adds for few hilarious moments that eventually leads to respect. Beast spends a lot of time fighting with his appearance after finding out there is a way to "cure him" of his mutant gene. Even after the initial arc, Beast continued to have to deal with not just his outer appearance, but the beast that is inside him. And despite Cyclops having been the leader of the X-Men since he was a kid, he had to overcome his insecurities of not feeling good enough or worthy of leading the X-Men. Lastly, there are the surprises that pop up. Even though this book is more than a five years old, there is a surprise resurrection that at the time no one in the comic world saw coming (no, not Jean Grey for the millionth time).

The best part of X-Men movies is that most of the X-Men's major arcs don't usually involve anyone but their mutant cast, so there wouldn't be much of an issue to run their stories. 90% of the time The X-Men are on there own. In this story, S.W.O.R.D. is their S.H.I.E.L.D. . S.W.O.R.D. may be under the belt of S.H.I.E.L.D., but FOX might have the rights to S.W.O.R.D. because it started out in an X-Men title. This would also be a great story for Kitty Pryde to come into her own. She has been a second or third tier character in the movies and hasn't shown how good she is in the comics. The only part that wouldn't work is Emma Frost. According to X-Men "Day's of the Future Past" Emma Frost is dead. This could be a major issue if this story was to be used. But, maybe Emma had a kid or they use the girl from "Wolverine Origins".

House of M:

It was a day unlike any other (cliché, but true). The Scarlet Witch went crazy after remembering she gave birth to twins and that she was forced to forget them because they didn't really exist (Thanks, Wasp). This caused her consciously or subconsciously to punish the Avengers for taking her kids away. In her crazy rage, she caused the deaths of Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Vision, and Clint Barton (Hawkeye). After Wanda was tracked down and taken out by Dr. Strange, Magneto appeared out of wormhole of his creation and brought her back with him to Genosha in hopes to help recover from what she had done and help her gain better control of her powers.

Magneto and Professor Xavier spent time trying to help her with no luck. Xavier left Genosha and met with the Avengers and the X-Men to try and figure out what to do with her. While Emma and Wolverine thought it was a good idea to kill her before she destroyed the world (they should have), the other Avengers and X-Men needed to see Wanda before they made any decision on her life. When they get to Genosha, Wanda and Magneto are gone and soon after, Xavier disappears from the group. After that, Wanda uses her powers and remakes the entire world and give every hero everything they ever wanted. Among them was Wolverine who's biggest wish was to be Nick Fury and to remember his whole life. His whole life included the past before Wanda reshaped the Universe. So Logan sets out in hopes to find anyone who could help him turn the world back the way it was. This led him to Layla Miller who had the power to make anyone remember their life before The Scarlet Witch changed it. Logan with a team of superheroes set out to change the world back. Even though it might have already been too late.

Giant brawl at the House of M.
Giant brawl at the House of M.

Although the entire Marvel Universe was a part of House of M, it would be easy to make this a mutant only movie. The mutants community is already world wide and it would not be difficult to put together a team of mutant heroes to oppose Magneto and the House of M. Even the human resistant could be a few human sympathizers or mutants who ended up depowered after Wanda changed the world. And since Fox loves making Wolverine the focus or star regardless of the story, the House of M story would be a great place for a trilogy. Even better is that House of M can eventually lead to...

Messaih Complex:

After months of no mutant births and mutants deaths coming in bunches, Cerebra goes crazy at the birth of the first new mutant in. Cyclops puts a team together to go and get to the baby before anyone could get to it, but when they get there, the entire town is on fire. The Purifiers (they're a religious cult that's only existence is to kill all mutants) got to the town first. The purifiers were in the hospital killing every newborn baby just to be sure, but Mr. Sinister and his team the Marauders were also looking for the first mutant birth that was foreseen by mutant psychic Destiny. Thankfully. none of the teams got to the baby. Cable actually got to her before anyone else could. With a baby's life in danger and no clue where she is, Cyclops calls in former teammates that he doesn't like and even puts together a team of their best hunters and fighters to get the child back by any means necessary. Cyclops was desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures.

This series alone could take three movies. The birth of the baby and Sinister's team getting her, getting Hope (the baby's name) back and sending her into the future with Cable, and then the move from New York to San Francisco to start over fresh and new. The X-Men's time on the west coast was completely different from their time in New York. For the fist time, they were completely accepted by the people and the mayor of the city. For the first time, they didn't have to hide to they are and could walk around without feeling ashamed of how they looked. It would be a perfect place for the X-Men to end a story. On a happy note for once.

Second Coming:

A lot had happened since Hope and Cable went to the future. The X-Men moved to California, Cyclops put a team together that was built to kill mutant threats before they could kill anyone (X-Force. Wolverine, Wolfsbane, Archangel, Domino, Elixer, Warpath, X23, and Vanisher), Norman Osborn tried to lock up all mutants and sap them of their powers, they moved off to a man made Island (Formerly Asteroid M) off the coast of Californai and away from Osborn's jurisdiction so Osborn wouldn't threaten them anymore, and an old enemy resurrected some of their dead friends and former enemies in an attempt to become a god. And even thought the X-Men lost some friends in the process they still remained to survive. Before the dust could settle, Hope and Cable came back to the present. Hope is now a teenager and has been fighting with Cable for years. Little did they know, super sentient sentinel Bastian (say that three times fast) could sense them back in their time and sent his minions to take them out. Cyclops also got word that his son Cable and Hope were back and got them to before they were killed by Bastion and his flunkies. Even after Cable is on Utopia, Bastian had a plan set in motion and the X-Men had no way of knowing what was going on.

Cable and now teenage bad @$$ Hope Summers
Cable and now teenage bad @$$ Hope Summers

Like all of the other titles I mentioned, this is another book would have to go more than three movies to get the entire story and do it right. There was so much action and heart warming and heartbreaking moments throughout this book. That's what make the X-Men stories so good. They aren't a team. They are a family that is always fighting for their survival. Sometimes you lose some people in your life and it hurts and it's something that fans appreciate. Seeing the struggle the X-Men go through could be great way for Fox to make the type of money the Avengers did.

These are only a few of the titles that the X-Men have done in the past decade. These just happen to be my favorite. Let me know the ones you liked in the comments.


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